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Drones, Activist Judges And "Tools"

By The Reverend Published: June 29, 2010

Do you know what's in more demand than Apples' newest I-Phone?


Everybody wants one....needs one. They're all the rage.

Tornado researchers want to send them into storms to gather data. Energy companies want to use them to monitor pipelines. State police hope to send them up to capture images of speeding cars' license plates. Local police envision using them to track fleeing suspects.

The U.S. has been using drones since 2005 along the border with Mexico. More drones have been allocated recently for the border states. And here's why.....

"It adds another layer of security. You have your boots on the ground. You have your ports of entry. You have cameras. You have sensors. The drone is like another tool in the toolbox to provide security along the border," he said.

My favorite phrase...."another tool in the toolbox."

Wiping out the 4th Amendment protection against government's illegal search and seizure of Americans' private communications during the Bush Jr. administration was simply..."another tool in the toolbox" to keep us safe, remember? Torture, famously, has been described as yet another "tool" in our endless war against.....those who hate us because of our "freedoms."

Now drones are just another "tool in the toolbox". I'm guessing that there will be a run on, like, bigger toolboxes in the future. Those drones are quite a bit larger than, you know, least the fully loaded models.

Just like with the use of torture, drone use for protection against those dreaded "illegals" isn't effective either.....which guarantees that America will use more of them....

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general noted that based on limited tests, the drones were less effective than manned aircraft in assisting with the apprehension of undocumented immigrants. In most cases where the drones were used to help law enforcement officers, the officers had already detected the undocumented immigrants by other means, the report said.

Anyway, I think it's clear that drones are not just for the purpose of mistakenly killing the wrong people over in Pakistan, parties, journalists, children...not anymore. Drones are now the "new tools" to keep us all safer here at home. And who doesn't want to feel safer?

With the 4 Horsemen of the Coming American Apocaplyse confirming this week that the Founders simply made a typographical error, an oversight, really, when they included the words...."a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..." in with the 2nd Amendment.......there's nothing to prevent all Americans from owning and operating their own private drone, you know, for personal safety issues, or self-defense, or for some other justification that is also not found in the 2nd Amendment.

Hey, American citizens have the right to defend themselves against....everybody and anybody.....and if my ownership and operation of a remote controlled "protection device" makes me feel safer, strengthens my personal sense of could Thomas, Roberts, Scalia and Alito disagree?

They won't.

How could the oh-so-sensitive to personal security Rogue Roberts Court deny equal rights to own a drone to citizens who only want to protect themselves against the hordes of criminals surrounding could the "balls and strikes calling" Horsemen deny U.S. citizens the god-given right to own one more "tool" of protection?

One might say that the Framers never mentioned the word "drone" in their 2nd Amendment guarantee as a challenge to the constitutionality of all Americans owning drones. But that would just be a silly, most likely liberal, excuse to aid America's enemies. Besides, what did the Framers know about anything? As the 4 Horsemen noted this week, just because words are in the Amendments doesn't mean the Framers intended for those words to be there. Hey, Framers can make errors too.

Now that the Activist Roberts Jihadists have scrubbed the 2nd Amendment of all words connecting gun ownership with Militias.....and reduced the 2nd to a guarantee to self-defend using could any weapon or "tool" be denied to all average American citizens who feel afraid all the time?

Once drone ownership becomes widespread and Americans are feeling all better about their personal security......then other "tools" can be added in with the other invisible words of guarantee of the 2nd Amendment.

For example, the Framers used the word "arms" when they spoke of what Americans were guaranteed they could own and "bear."
Everybody knows that "arms" are not just guns, long or short, anymore. Helles Belles....."arms" today include rocket launchers, helicopter gunships....and nukes.

I can't see any light of the Activist Roberts Court ruling this deny Americans access to ANY "tools" available today with which they can defend themselves.

America's secure future, made oh-so-much-brighter by the redactionist conservatives on today's highest Court......will be full of new security "tools". Today, a drone in every garage.....tomorrow intercontinential ballistic missiles in every backyard silo.

Makes sense too.



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