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Duncan Hunter: Intolerance-Lite

By The Reverend Published: December 2, 2007

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is running for the Republican candidacy in the 2008 presidential election. Like many others, he hasn't a snowball's chance. Many reasons for that. The following clip, by itself, would be a disqualifier for me voting for the Duncan, as if.......

Now, I'm ever so sure that Mr. Hunter means well and all, undoubtedly wanting to sound all "traditional moral values" like. But the problem is that Dunkin Donut Hunter, (the representative with a hole in the center of his head), is demonstrating with his words that he is basically anti-American in his understanding of the Constitution and who all inside America are entitled to the "liberty" part of the equation.

Somewhere along the way, perhaps influenced by his GOP California buddies, the statesman, Duke Cunningham (R-Prison), and the cashier, Jerry Lewis(R-CA), Duncan Hunter has come to believe that heterosexual Jews and Christians are protected by our Constitution from having to deal with homosexuals or non-Jew/Christian religious types. They're to be favored. To expose heterosexual conservatives to homosexual liberals, to have to work side by side with anyone who wasn't a conservative, heterosexual, Judeo-Christian believing person would be a "disservice to them". If those exclusive military personnel, whom Hunter speaks so adoringly of, were pressured into working with such non-Judeo-Christian, non-heterosexual, non-conservative, soldiers, it would all be "bad for unit cohesion". The Great Oracle of WMD Wisdom and Mobile Biological Lab fame, Colin Powell, has previously said the same.

Try an experiment....

Replace the word gays with the word "blacks", or perhaps "Latinos" or even "adherents of the Flying Spaghetti Monster faith", to fully appreciate Duncan Hunter's vision for not just the military but, sadly, all of America.



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