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Early Polling

By The Reverend Published: June 12, 2008

How about those early presidential polls, huh?

Obama hasn't even started slicing away at the seriously flawed candidate, John McCain....and he's leading by 6 percent.

Oh my....I guess all that Knee Padding about demographic groups who wouldn't vote for Obama....was spot-the-hell......wrong....

Barack Obama leads John McCain 47%-41% in the latest NBC/Wall St. Journal poll, just outside the the ±3.1% margin of error and consistent with other polls giving Obama a post-primary bump.

More importantly, Obama is ahead with key demographics where his electability had previously been questioned. Obama leads among women 52%-33%, with Catholics 47%-40%, among independents 41%-36%, and even 47%-42% with blue-collar workers.

And contrary to the idea that his poor primary performances among Hispanics reflected an electability problem, he now leads 62%-28% with that group -- well ahead of John Kerry's 53%-44% advantage in 2004.

John McCain's big advantage is with white men, where he leads 55%-35% -- the only reason the race is as close as it is, according to the pollster's analysis. Link

Brokeback Beacon's "flawed candidate" accusation directed towards Obama isn't registering with Americans. Could the reason be....Brokeback Beacon simply has a flawed editorial board out of touch with America?

Think that could be it?



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