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"Easy To Make A Mistake"

By The Reverend Published: June 10, 2010

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, inadvertantly speaks some truth......

"It's very easy to make a mistake nowadays, especially because everything is recorded...or video, whatever, it can go up on YouTube."

The context of Cornyn's warning is the Tuesday GOP Senate primary win of the Tea Party favorite in Nevada, Sharron Angle.

What Cornyn means, of course, is that it's harder today to endure a grueling campaign without a candidate slipping occasionally and telling voters what he/she really believes. Modern campaigning is all about NOT telling voters what you really think. Damn odd.....but that's how it is.

Embarassingly, I think, John Cornyn seems worried that in the upcoming fight to defeat Democratic Senator Harry Reid, Sharron Angle, a wild and crazy candidate, just might let the truth slip out once in awhile.....something Cornyn describes as "making a mistake."

Also notice in Cornyn's warning who he blames for this threatening situation. Modern recording methods and YouTube. Stupid, stupid YouTube, you know, accurately recording what a candidate says. Stupid YouTube.

Sorry, Johnny Cornyn, it's way, way too late for any warnings to be given to Sharron Angle. See....that's the beauty of Tea Party candidates. We saw it with Rand Paul in Kentucky. Tea Party candidates think they can simply tell voters what they really believe in their matter how shocking, no matter how hateful and devisive those things that they believe in....really are.

So just for the are a few of the more "interesting" policies which Sharron Angle removed from her website 12 hours after winning the GOP primary Tuesday night.....and just like Cornyn warned....those "interesting" policies are still available thanks to those pesky new recording methods....


*supports the repeal of regulations that prohibit offshore drilling.

Sharron Angle would legislate to repeal regulations that prohibit offshore drilling, drilling in ANWR and development of American owned petroleum resources.

*believes that Global Warming is “a hoax.”

Cap and trade, which is based on an unscientific hysteria over the man-caused global warming hoax, steps over the constitutional boundaries of the federal government and is merely another way to tax the people.

*wants to remove all regulations on mining implemented since 1872.

Sharron Angle believes that the 1872 Mining law is important....and needs to remain in place, with no further regulatory erosion of the original intent of the law. Furthermore, the withdrawal of public lands from mineral development, through pressure from environmentalists, is restricting the nation's growth and development.

*plans to phase out Social Security.

Free market alternatives....must be the Social Security system is transitioned out. Young workers must be encouraged to investigate personal retirement account options.

*demands that the U.S. withdraw from the United Nations.

The United States needs to withdraw from the United Nations and work soley with America's willing allies.

What John Cornyn recognizes, after years and years of shilling for the largest corporations in America, after years and years of practicing his skills in the arts of deception...... is that it's okay to believe the things that Sharron Angle had listed on her website....before she removed them Wednesday morning. You just can't put them down for just any-old-body to read on the intertubes or see on the anti-American YouTube.

To be up front and honest with voters, telling them, unashamedly, what you would do if elected Senator, would simply not be prudent.

Con men and deceivers, like John Cornyn, are right.....It's just too easy....."to make a mistake" that way.

P.S. Do you even know how easy it is to "make a mistake"?

Here's GOP Tea Party Senate candidate from Kentucky, Rand Paul.....

‘What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,” Paul said in an interview with ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ ‘I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.’

A GOP candidate can believe that BP is worthy of defending, you see. Hell, all Republicans believe that.....that's why they are calling for even more offshore drilling. But it's a "mistake" to actually, you know, say it out loud.

Damn modern recording devices.



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