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Egypt Part Of Bush 'Freedom Agenda'?

By The Reverend Published: February 14, 2011

Fox analyst and WaPo columnist, Charles Sour-Krauthammer....

Today, everyone and his cousin supports the ‘freedom agenda.’ Of course, yesterday it was just George W. Bush, Tony Blair and a band of neocons with unusual hypnotic powers who dared challenge the received wisdom of Arab exceptionalism … Now it seems everyone, even the left, is enthusiastic for Arab democracy. Fine. Fellow travelers are welcome.

Elliott Abrams.....

In a January 30 Washington Post op-ed, former Bush national security advisor Elliott Abrams argued that the "Egypt protests show George W. Bush was right about freedom in the Arab world," claiming that the demonstrations prove Bush's "freedom agenda" was right about those dastardly Arab dictators.

Lee Smith, senior editor at The Weekly Standard....

In the wake of Sept. 11, Bush believed that freedom was not only best for the Arabs, but also a vital national interest that would keep Americans, U.S. allies and interests around the world safe from terrorism. The Freedom Agenda became the cornerstone of the Bush administration's Middle East policy.

Iraq was first on the Freedom Agenda as the 2003 invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, one of the region's bloodiest tyrants, and set in motion a democratic process — free elections, popular representation, accountability and rule by consent of the governed.

Those are but a sampling from the neo-conservative right. As you can see, the message here is that what has happened in Egypt and Tunisia, is all part and parcel of the overflow influence of George W. Bush's Freedom Agenda.

As W. used to say, 'I couldn't disagree more.'

For starters....

In 2003, dictator, Hosni Mubarak, ruled Egypt. Democracy was not to be found in Egypt. In 2003, Egyptians were not satisfied with Mubarak's dictatorship...just as in 2011 Egyptians were not satisfied with the undemocratic rule of dictator Mubarak.

However, here is Mr. Freedom Agenda in 2003....

BUSH: The great and proud nation of Egypt has shown the way toward peace in the Middle East, and now should show the way toward democracy in the Middle East. (Applause.) Champions of democracy in the region understand that democracy is not perfect, it is not the path to utopia, but it's the only path to national success and dignity.

Mr. Freedom Agenda in 2004....

BUSH: President Mubarak and I spoke about the future of the region and of Egypt. Just as Egypt has shown the way toward peace in the Middle East, it will set the standard in the region for democracy by strengthening democratic institutions and political participation.

To Bush, Egypt was the benchmark for democracy in the region.....when as we've seen the past few weeks, an Egyptian democracy under Mubarak was basically non-existent.....causing hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to finally take to the streets.

Perhaps, after the fact of the criminal attack and occupation of Iraq, (and the absense of dangerous WMD) Bush, as he did many times, conveniently, yet retroactively, changed his rationale for dropping more bombs on Iraq than the U.S. dropped in all of falsely claiming his ginned up war on Iraq was all part and parcel of some bigger Obe-Bush-wan type "Freedom Agenda."

But no matter how many ex-Bushies write books of mass deception.....Iraq was never about spreading democracy.....and the American people all know it now.

Attacking Iraq was all about the WMD's. The "smoking gun" that just couldn't be allowed to form a "mushroom cloud." Remember? Bush didn't seek approval from Congress in October of 2002 to "spread democracy" to Iraq. Instead, he sought, and got, approval to militarily attack Iraq with the full force of the Empire.....based on a trumped up charge that Iraq posed an imminent danger to the U.S.

The lesson to be learned from today's Egypt is not that Bush's illegal war of aggression on Iraq was some kind of catalyst for democratic change in the middle east. The lesson from Egypt is just the opposite. Where Bush killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq, protesting Egyptians were non-violent. Where Bush intervened militarily to change a regime.....wrecking the place and causing much misery and animosity in the process.....Obama has remained calm, voicing encouragement to peaceful protesting Egyptian citizens while coaxing Mubarak towards the door.

Creating phony narratives about what just happened yesterday is the full time job of guys like the neo-con Krauthammer. The only "hypnotic powers" utilized by the Bushies in dealing with "spreading freedom" to the middle east, however, were self-hypnotic ones.



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