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Eleven Years Of Amnesia

By The Reverend Published: March 20, 2014

Eleven years ago this month, the United States militarily attacked the middle eastern nation of Iraq. For the folks back home, our action of naked military aggression against Iraq was teasingly labeled "Shock & Awe." Iraq posed no threat to the U.S. and had done nothing to provoke the U.S. attack. Our borders were not being threatened by Iraq and Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.

The UN refused to go along with our nation's worst act of aggression....but an orchestrated U.S. media propaganda campaign conducted in collaboration with key Bush/Cheney officials led Americans to favor the attack by a 3-1 margin.

The most conservative estimates inform us that our act of military aggression in Iraq was responsible for the deaths of over a hundred thousand Iraqis, 4500 U.S. soldiers, and an Iraqi nation today in total shambles. All this for the bargain price of $1 trillion of U.S. tax dollars......all put on the national credit card.

Our Commander in Chief at the time explained how "freedom was on the march" in Iraq. Whenever our president was asked what we were doing in Iraq, what was our objective there.....he would respond with we're "spreading freedom." Iraqis deserved democracy, we were told.....and the U.S. act of aggression, regime change, and multiple year occupation of Iraq was for the purpose of bringing Jeffersonian democracy to the oil-rich country of Iraq.

In other was all total bullshite.

It's now eleven years later, freedom never arrived in Iraq, and the same "experts" who helped orchestrate our illegal war of aggression in Iraq are, once again, misleading Americans over what is transpiring in and around Ukraine.

Tough sanctimonious talk, warnings flying, sanctions drawn up, and lots of blabber about how Vlad Putin's Russia is violating this or that international treaty, agreement, or "taking Crimea."

The focus of each and every American "news" account concerning the Ukraine issue has become...'how should the U.S. and it's allies punish Putin's Russia for their naked act of authoritarian aggression against Ukraine?' That, and the predictable follow-up question, 'why won't the weak Democratic president do anything?'

To say that all this disgusts me is an understatement. Not because of the bitching about Obama's alleged weakness....I expect that....but because our once proud nation no longer seems capable of self-reflection. A nation that is incapable of self-awareness is a dangerous nation, not only to itself but also to the world.

But I'm afraid that is our America in 2014.

We have become the world's most dangerous thug.....and the sorry part of it is that we are still being propagandized to believe we are the world's most gracious 'savior', the 'good guys.'

Last week I heard former underling to Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, explain that if he were Putin, he would have done the exact same thing that Putin has done. Unlike the United States with Iraq, Russia is actually being threatened by the western-backed "coup" in Ukraine. The recent vote in Crimea for independent state status won with 95% of the vote, followed quickly by Putin's annexation of the small country where Russia has an important Naval Station.

Putin didn't invade Crimea without consent and didn't slaughter 100,000 people in the process. Putin hasn't ordered new Abu-Ghraib-style secret prisons where new and faux-approved torture tactics are being conducted. Putin didn't launch a nearly year-long campaign of deception aimed at the Ukrainian or Russia people to "justify", before the fact, his "takeover" of Crimea.

I have no desire to defend Russia or Putin. I am not naive about Putin's capability for ruthlessness. But good golly miss it not possible for our elected officials and our media members to see the United States in the mirror any longer?

Who is the United States to moralize others over self-defense maneuvers? Seriously....why would Putin, or anyone for that matter, give any credence to American "moral authority?" What "moral authority?" drive home the point. How would you characterize a parent preaching endlessly to his teenage child about driving over the speed limit when every time the parent gets behind the wheel he exceeds the speed limit by 20 mph? Unself-aware? Hypocritical? Not in full touch with reality?

And then how would we characterize the same parent when he threatens to discipline his teenage driver with "grounding" sanctions, privilege revocations, and further punishments for speeding to avoid an accident the teenager didn't cause?

Then apply those characterizations accordingly to the U.S. "consensus" over the Russian-Ukrainian dispute.



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