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Enemy Questions

By The Reverend Published: December 2, 2007

Whenever Republican leaders are put in the vulnerable position of being questioned with questions that are, you know, inherently dangerous, those Republican leaders need protection. Ever since it became common knowledge that questions, themselves, are aligned with the enemy, demand for security against those enemy questions has been on the rise.

One would think that CNN, after 7 years of protecting Junior Bush from enemy questions, would fully appreciate the new paradigm of avoiding enemy questions. But, apparently not, from the heart of wingnutland is how the Republican presidential candidates should be protected from those enemy questions.....

Dear Duncan, Fred, John, Mike, Mitt, Ron, Rudy, and Tom:

The CNN-YouTube Debate was a disgrace. The blame lies largely with CNN, which wanted Republican voters to meet their Republican candidates but only on Democrats’ terms. They did so by portraying the GOP as women-arresting, gun toting, confederate flag-waving simpletons.

You – and we - need a do over as soon as possible.

RedState and Human Events are happy to combine forces and offer the following.

We have a base of readers who represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party. You – and the Republican Party – deserve to face the questions posed by undecided Republicans, not Democratic activists. We will solicit and obtain YouTube videos from those people and vet each questioner to establish that they are – really - - undecided Republicans. We hope to include soldiers in the field in Iraq, Young Republicans, and others who still have not decided among you.

Today, allow us to make you this offer: We will organize a debate at a time and date amenable to you all. We will work with a national broadcaster to broadcast the debate as well as offer it online. We, not the liberal drive by media, will ensure the questioners are who they say they are. And we will choose them based on criteria that will be fully disclosed to you all which ensure the questioners aren’t activists for any Democratic candidate.

It's time to start talking to Republican voters about issues that will help them choose the Republican nominee. This could be a very good way to do it.

It can be done. We're happy to help do it. Are you game?


Jed Babbin
Editor, Human Events

Erick Erickson


Hey, you are either with the enemy questions or you are against America.

Remember how the new rules against enemy questions began? It all began when Commander Guy's public audiences were screened thoroughly, making sure they didn't have enemy questions strapped to them. How can wingnuts keep the Codpiece safe from enemy questions of mass destruction (QMD) without first sceening all citizens? That screening involves checking out what's on a tee shirt or what your bumper sticker says. In some cases, arresting the carrier of the enemy question and strip searching him or her is necessary in case he or she is carrying more enemy questions. You know, screening like that. Ya' just never know when some progressive suicider will be willing to pull the pin on an enemy question and blow the whole shindig up.

So kudos to RedState and Human Events for being so patriotic. It's impossible to overstate the threat, especially to Republicans, from the enemy's insurgent questions.

And CNN. What can I say? I simply do not understand what's holding up the secret rendition of their entire network to Guantanomo? CNN, by allowing, nay, organizing, all those insurgent questions the way they did.....surely revealed themselves as compatriots of enemy questions.
Will a Congressional Resolution denouncing CNN as an "enemy question sanctuary network" be introduced this week? Will it be followed by a much broader Resolution denouncing all utterers and harborers of enemy questions?

'Cause as RedState readily reminds it's readers....."we're at war". And during this war, the way to keep Republican candidates out of the line of fire of these enemy questions shot at them in such obviously thuggish "drive-by" to construct an armor plated, anti-IQD (improvised question device) venue for Republicans to field non-threatening and non-dangerous questions.....the same type of venue that has kept the Dear Leader from being injured by the shrapnel flying off any potential political explosions caused by enemy questions.

I know, let's call it 'The Red Zone'.



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