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By The Reverend Published: April 28, 2009

War on terror. Evil-doers. Axis of evil. Islamofascists. Mission accomplished. The Patriot Act. Weapons of mass destruction. Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

Phrases, words, memes,......which have no comprehensible meaning by themselves, some are even oxymoronic,.....all repeatedly written and spoken to mislead, to make Americans think one thing is really something else entirely.

An American war of aggression, a war of choice, in reality an act which killed and wounded hundreds of thousands, becomes known as a "freedom operation." It all depends on who says it, and how many times they repeat it.

A Sears catalogue-size bill of legislation, debated and voted on in between the numerous anthrax attacks, a bill sold to us under the guise of "keeping us safe", was, in actuality, a bill that limited our American rights and eliminated, in theory, any rights to privacy. That was labeled, the Patriot Act. Absolutely nothing patriotic about it.

The response to 9-11 extremists, after having been run through the George Orwell/Wizard of Oz communications machinery of the Bush regime, was to declare a new "global war on terror." A phrase so obviously ridiculous.... akin to declaring a war on farting.....yet, for 7 years it was repeated by Bushians (and others) thousands and thousands of times until it entered our national communicative cell structure.

And so it is with "enhanced interrogations". Literally, the words equate to "intensified questioning". But see....that doesn't fully define what the Bush/Cheney regime ordered to be done in the name of all Americans. It wasn't that the "questioning" of detainees was simply "intensified" know, more rapid fire or shouted more loudly, or asked by several questioners at the same time

No, no...the word, "enhanced", stands in as a substitute word for what humans have called, "torture", or, "brutality", for centuries. For some reason, though, the Bushian regime chose not to use the name, "torture interrogations", or, "brutal interrogations", to describe their...well....torture interrogations. I suppose one of the reasons for this was because if the Bushians used the words, "torture interrogations", repeated them, encouraged their spread as a meme, then, they wouldn't feel quite right about saying, "America does not torture." You know, the Bushians wouldn't want to be caught in an obvious lie. That might cause them to feel badly about themselves.

Using the word, "enhanced", is like a comforting salve to the Bushians worried minds. Can you imagine how badly the Bushian collective self-esteem would have been bruised if Americans understood their actions towards helpless detainees as "brutal" or, god forbid, "torture?"

And think of those protectors of all things American....the purists of unvarnished truth.....the objective objectivists.....main media. Just think of how badly the hundreds of corporate media "journalists" would feel about themselves if they used those awful words, "brutal" or "torture" in describing medieval actions of savagery. Why, they would be out of sync with the very leaders they serve as lapdogs for....and how threatening would that be to our national security?

Do you even know how often the Bushians, and their patriotic, yet unenhanced, supporters, would villify and demonize main media "journalists" if they used words like "brutal", or, "torture", to describe brutality Can you imagine the utter humiliation in being labeled a "terrorist symapthizer?" Who can blame these brave, yet sometimes embedded, 4th column protectors of all things American from avoiding the words "torture" and "brutal" from their, you know, "reporting?" Certainly not this Reverend. Talk about a slippery slope.

And think of the terrible threat to our national security if Bushian leaders and supporters, coupled with their pet media favorites, used the words "torture" or "brutal", or (I'm about to faint) "illegal", in describing the slamming of a person, fitted with a plastic collar, against a wall 20-30 times? Waterboarding a detainee 6 times a day for 30 straight days? Why would anyone hearing about nation-saving actions like that think of the words "torture" or "brutal" as describers?
Such poor word choices would only lift the spirits of our enemies. That's why our great protectors dislike those words, preferring the kinder, gentler, words, like "enhanced".

So, as we continue to hear patriotic defenses of "enhanced interrogations" in the upcoming days.....have a little sympathy for the tough spot that Bushians and Bushian stenographers are in right now. It's not that these folks have bad intentions in using the words they use....perish the thought. I mean, Bushian motives are genuine, says the AB Journal.

It's just that the Bushian Group doesn't want to encourage our enemies by letting them know what we are really doing. For instance: when the Bushians were illegally wiretapping all American communications.....our extremist enemies would never have thought that we were eavesdropping on their communications.....and only found out about that fact because the NY Commie Times told them.

When our neo-con leaders, and the media embeds who write down what those leaders tell them to, use the words "enhanced interrogations" to describe our patriotic duties, it isn't to hide the numerous illegalities or treaty violations inherent in those intensified questioning sessions....not at's all for the sake of keeping our enemies guessing.

Those enemies of ours would never in a milion years guess that the U.S. was using brutal torture tactics. So, please don't tell them.



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