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Etching Wretched Sketches

By The Reverend Published: March 23, 2012

My computer is still undergoing surgery at Geek Hospital. Please, no cards or flowers at this time. Prayers are welcomed, but please, only non-denominational ones.

So that's what the GOP primary is down to? Etch-a-Sketch props.

From my reading, it appears as if one of Romney's top campaign people was asked a question about Mitt taking so many extreme-right positions during the primary. Doesn't Mitt think that those hard right positions will hurt him in the general election?

The campaign spokesperson....quite the genius....told the questioner that there were no worries because Mitt will just start with a blank slate once the primaries are concluded, you know, like shaking an Etch-a-Sketch in order to start all over with a clean screen.

Within two hours, the two "true conservatives" left in the GOP primary race...Leroy Gingrich and Pope Santorum III....had an Etch-a-Sketch prop in their hands while lambasting the former governor for his all-of-the-above positions on virtually every political policy issue.

The Reverend named Mitt Romney, the Plastic Man, a few years ago, because of his pliability. Mitt has the habit of molding himself to fit whatever the people in front of him want to see.

But hey...Human Etch-a-Sketch works too.

Nate Silverman, yesterday..

In 2002, as well as during his Senate campaign in 1994, Mr. Romney very explicitly ran as a moderate, especially on social issues. His campaign’s Web site in 2002 told voters that he would support “the strict enforcement of gun laws” and recognition of domestic partnership for same-sex couples, that he would “protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts,” and that he endorsed an increase in the minimum wage.

In 2004, John Kerry was mercilessly attacked by Republicans for saying that he voted for something before he voted against it. It was a stupid comment.

But with's difficult to find one policy issue that he hasn't publicly taken both sides on. Sure, people change their minds on stuff, however, usually, they don't act like they have multiple personality disorder.

The question is why? The answer is easy. The Republican Party base has moved further to the extreme right. To win the GOP presidential nomination today, candidates must mold themselves to please this new extreme-right base....whether those candidates actually hold those extreme policy positions or not....they must at least pay lip service to those extreme positions.

That is what Mitt Romney has been doing. So far, it's been working. Jebby has now endorsed Romney and even the Confederacy Senator, Jim DeMint, has recently said that he would support Romney if he became the nominee.

The problem wil come when Mitt turns his Etch-a-Sketch candidacy over and tries to shake the slate clean in order to start fresh and clean in a battle against the Dark Knight.

Mitt has a 51% unfavorable rating with independent voters. Only 33% of independent voters favor Romney in a general election. Wooing independent voters will be the reason why Romney will shake his Etch-a-Sketch and pretend as if he'd never taken those extreme-right and multiple-choice positions. In other words, Romney is counting on a national breakout of amnesia as November draws nearer.

I must say at this point that it is without doubt that President Obama has flipped and flopped on many of his campaign promises made during the 2008 cycle. I offer no excuses.....Obama's extension and expansion of the nation-destroying, Bush/Cheney security-state.....Obama's unwillingness to do anything other than coddle the banksters who virtually destroyed our nation's economy....Obama's cave-in to private health insurers in the ACA....and Obama's inexcusable posturing alongside of deficit and debt fetishists....are all examples of the electorate not getting what was promised from Barack Obama.

So, hey, if Romney and Obama are both flip-floppers, Etch-a-Sketch erasers....why is one better or worse than the other?

To me, it's simple. The Supreme Court. If I were President Obama, I would sing a Citizens United dirge everytime I was in front of a camera or a microphone. If Americans want more Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United....which in effect, turned our political process into an auction awarded to the highest bidders....then by all means, vote for Mitt Romney.

Romney is, literally, the poster child for the powerful 1%. A vulture capitalist, a multi-millionaire, a low-tax-rate payer, an offshore tax-haven participant, and a guy who has promised to lower taxes further on the under-siege rich while looking to Justices like Scalia and Thomas to fill open seats on the Supreme bench.

Obama has already made two appointments to the Supreme Court. Neither Kagan nor Sotomayer are to be confused with Scalia or Thomas.

With the Roberts Court teetering on a full-scale onslaught of our former democracy....advancing every whim of the oligarchs....just one more powerful-serving Justice, probably replacing Ginsburg, will set the United States back 60 years or more.

Americans should not take that chance. With today's conservative movement's radical nature, it is much too risky for the United States population to take a chance on a Mitt Romney, Supreme Court appointment.

Outside of pure political partisanship....that is the most important reason why Americans should re-elect President Obama.



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