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Every Gun Is A Snowflake

By The Reverend Published: May 1, 2013

If you are a criminal with a gun in Arizona....and you are arrested and sent to jail for committing a crime with that gun....that gun is seized by law enforcement. But thanks to a 2012 Arizona law signed by Governor Jan Brewer, a proud Big Gub'Mint opponent, the seized gun MUST be put back into circulation by selling it to an authorized dealer. This Arizona law, signed April 4, 2012 by Ms. Brewer prohibits the destruction of the seized gun.

The bill signed into law in 2012 is entitled, "Firearms Destruction Prevention Act". No kidding, that's the title. Moreover, the bill to save confiscated guns from destruction was written and lobbied by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) may have heard of them. A few months before passage....

..... the corporations and legislators on the ALEC Public Safety and Elections Task Force had adopted a version of the "Firearms Destruction Prevention Act" (also known as the "Disposition of Firearms in State and Local Custody Act") as a "model," at the behest of the NRA. Both the ALEC/NRA model and the Arizona law have the same functional impact.

When the bill was introduced in the Arizona state Senate, twenty out of its twenty-six sponsors were known ALEC members.

The bill's origination, however, comes from 2011.....

The model legislation was drafted and approved by ALEC’s public safety task force, which included representatives from stun-gun maker Taser International Inc. (TASR), energy conglomerate Koch Industries, the American Bail Coalition, and the NRA, according to ALEC documents. Corporate and special interest group members seeking to serve on task forces charged with writing legislative language can pay as much as $35,000 or more to get a seat at the table, according to ALEC’s web site.

"Limited government" might make a catchy libertarian sound byte but only means what millionaires want it to mean at any given moment....or, as this PRWatch writer  puts it....

ALEC claims to be interested in "small government," so it is curious that it would promote legislation that puts the state in the position of being an arms dealer.

"Curious" here is a more civil-sounding synonym for "hypocritical", or better yet "duplicitous."

But all of the above is not the real story...only the preface. It seems that the bill passed last April in Arizona to guarantee that confiscated firearms would find new, loving owners rather than be euthanized by Big Gub'Mint liberals, probably wearing jack boots....has a loophole in desperate need of patching. Enter yesterday's Arizona Senate vote on HB 2455....

The bill is designed to eliminate a loophole in last year's law that requires police agencies to sell seized guns. Cities, including Tucson, have continued to hold buyback events and destroy the weapons, arguing that because they were voluntarily surrendered, they aren't covered by the law.

See how sneaky enemies of liberty and freedom are?

Freedom and liberty deniers (translation: police agencies) had the audacity to advertise and conduct gun buyback efforts and then, (gasp) destroy the guns bought back from the Arizona public in an entirely voluntary program. To the 'every gun is a snowflake' crowd, that loophole denied fully-formed guns their constitutional right to implied in the 2nd Amendment, if not spelled out specifically.

When bills are written and lobbied by a very powerful few....and then passed into law by bought-and-paid-for loopholes are permitted. Otherwise what's the sense of spending all that money and taking all that time to draft legislation and bribe or threaten elected officials on which way they should vote....if that powerful few can't get exactly what they want? I mean, this is America.

Any citizens in Arizona who thought it was their choice to decide whether the gun they own should be destroyed or not are learning a lesson in true liberty. In the end, Arizonans will learn that guns, once fully formed, have constitutional rights prohibiting their destruction. Why? Freedom.

Personally, I can't wait for the "Prohibition Against Burying and/or Melting Guns Act" and the establishment of a "small government" Arizona agency to investigate any and all reports of gun-destruction attempts by private citizens. Hey, freedom is not free. And it's high time that U.S. citizens learn that freedom is not free.

What better way to teach the importance of small government and personal freedom than for ALEC and the NRA to "encourage" Arizona GOP legislators to prohibit law enforcers and individual Arizonans from destroying guns?



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