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Everything Old Is New Again

By The Reverend Published: August 31, 2007


We've all known for decades that the freak, J Edgar Hoover, ordered a lot of fascist-style spying on Americans. We have known for decades that one of the freak FBI Director's targets was Martin Luther King Jr. This we've known. But look at this.....

But KHOU has found that even after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, the FBI's Scott King file shows the Bureau actually intensified their spying and surveillance of the new widow.

The newly released documents show the Bureau closely tracked and scrutinized Scott King's comings and goings, including public appearances ("Mrs. King is due to 10:40 a.m.") and what was said there. Agents also kept particular notice of any of her plane flights. They even kept tabs on a King family outing to Las Vegas and what security company Scott King was using.

Far more invasive though was the Bureau's interception of private letters she had written. Link

Glenn Greenwald points us to this today in yet another excellent blog post.

The 60's and 70's were like a bubbling volcano in America. After years and years of being led to believe our government could be trusted, my generation discovered NO ONE in government could be trusted. A counter-culture rose up which rejected the authoritarian militarism abroad and fascist tendencies at home. It took a long time to change stuff. And some things were never rectified. The FISA oversight laws were written during this tumultuous times, and for good reason.

Today, with the rise of the neo-conservative fascists, America has come full circle. To The Reverend this all seems like a very bad deja vu dream....but we aren't asleep...or are we?

The same lack of oversight that allowed FBI freaks like J. Edgar Hoover to continue to eavesdrop on, open mail, and track Coretta King, long after her husband was gunned down, is back in full operation again with the new FISA neutralization bill.

I spoke to a veteran bass player for a blues band a couple of years ago and he told me all he wanted the government to do was keep us safe so we could continue the 'party' here at home. Apparently forgetful of what happened in his youth, he seemed to be conveying the dangerous message that government could be trusted again if we just gave them unrestricted and unencumbered power to get the 'bad guys'.

The problem obviously, however, if history has any meaning, is that many of the 'bad guys' are in the government.

History does repeat itself. The reason it does? We can't learn.



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