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Ex-Bushie Calls For The Waaambulances

By The Reverend Published: February 24, 2010

The Reverend does not care for Michael Gerson, former speechwriter for G.W. Bush. I'm sure he's a fine man and all, but, when I read his columns at the Washington Post, or reprinted in the AB Journal (and they reprint them all), he always comes across as a sniveling weenie.

Today's column is no exception.....check's column is exceptionally weenie-ish.

What is mealy-mouthed Michael sniveling about today? Those meanie Democrats are moving forward to pass some version of health care reform, and Mikey doesn't like it....

At this point, for Democratic leaders to insist on their current approach to health reform is to insist that Americans are not only misinformed but also dimwitted.

And the proposed form of this insistence — enacting health reform through the quick, dirty shove of the reconciliation process — would add coercion to arrogance.

Mikey Gerson's former boss, George W. Bush, didn't have enough GOP votes in the Senate in 2003 to pass his deep capital gains tax cuts for America's top 1%. That specific tax cut, which still is operative today, made it possible for poor billionaire stock traders, like Warren Buffet, to pay a lower tax rate (15%) on his income than his secretary. Fair and balanced, the way Republicans like it.

How did Bush get that "quick, dirty" capital gains tax rate cut passed without 60 Senate votes? The Republicans "added coercion to arrogance", used the reconciliation process to ram the tax cut through, and still needed Dick Cheney's tie breaking vote as vice-president to squeak out a 51-50 win for hedge fund traders and multi-millionaires.

So, Mikey.....if adding "coercion to arrogance" was good enough for the Republican goose to reward a handful of already-rich, paper shuffling, mouse clicking gamblers,...the cost of which was charged on the China Gold Card.....then, I'm thinking it just might be okay for the gander Democrats to use the reconciliation process to pass a vital health care reform package which will extend insurance coverage to millions of Americans who are not hedge fund traders, and LOWER the deficit by over $100 billion over 10 years.

Don't snivel Mikey Gerson. It's unbecoming.

Gerson goes on to list four "stakes" for Obama and those "coercion to arrogance" Democrats in the Senate who dare pass the 53% election victory-president's signature campaign issue. All four are Gerson-patented, waaambulance requiring, WHINES, each measurable on the conservative propaganda-calibrated WHINE-OMETER.

First, the imposition of a House-Senate health-reform hybrid would confirm the worst modern image of the Democratic Party, that of intellectual arrogance.

I'm sorry, Mikey, what? Check that....I'm sorry Mikey, WTF? During the entire year of 2008, Barack Obama's premier campaign promise was to reform health care in America. Did Whiny Mike miss 2008? Using health care reform as his premier campaign point, Barack Obama won the election with 53% of the popular vote, the largest percentage since 1964. To Gerson, if Democrats actually, you know, pass Obama's main campaign promise....they are proving that they are "intellectual(ly) arrogant".

Sorry sale.

Second, this approach would almost certainly maintain conservative and Republican intensity through the November elections.

Mr. Gerson proudly types out this 'no-sh*t-Sherlock' sentence as if it's filled with profundity. The GOP is out of power and obstructing everything that moves. Whether Obama and the Democrats move forward to pass health care legislation, OR NOT, the crazed GOP minority will "maintain" their crazed "intensity." Is there really any doubt about that?

Third, this action would undermine Obama's own State of the Union strategy, which seemed like a shift toward the economy and away from health-care reform.

Gerson is a good and faithful Bushie. Bushies only hear and see what they want to hear and see. Memo to Mikey: during the State of the Union address, President Obama called on Congress to get health care reform done. Additionally, the economy and health care reform are both part of the same puzzle. Without reforming health care, without doing anything to change health care in America, the nation will remain on a path to bankruptcy.

Fourth, a reconciliation strategy would both insult House and Senate Republicans and motivate them for future fights.

My personal favorite. Since 1980, the Senate has passed some 22 pieces of legislation using the reconciliation process, which requires 51 votes for passage rather than 60. Was Congress "insulted" all those 22 times? How about in 2003 when The Dick cast the 51st vote to grant millionaires another tax break.....did that "insult" the Congress? Did any congressional member come out of that vote saying they had been insulted?

But the "motivate them for future fights" part is just way too much bullsh*t for me to handle in the morning. The simple election of a Democratic President in November, 2008 was all filibuster record-setting Republicans needed to get "motivated" to fight. The "we-want Obama-to-fail" train left the GOP station on Obama's inauguation day. The gloves came off as soon as Republicans were trounced in the 2008 general election.

I have no idea why the AB Journal continues to defer to Michael Gerson, a sniveling weenie of a former Bush speechwriter. Whiny-Mikey has nothing to offer. Sure, he can shovel standard-issue, Republican bullsh*t. But, with virtually every ex-Bushie working fulltime for Village media now, how much Republican bullsh*t can we be expected to be buried under before, to borrow a Whiny-Mikey word, we all feel "insulted?"



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