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Extreme Right & Centrist....But No Airing Of Liberal Budget

By The Reverend Published: March 23, 2013

Now we have our dueling budgets. Check that, dueling political documents. We have Paul Ryan's House budget resolution passing without one Democratic vote and with 10 GOP votes against. And we have the Senate budget resolution which passed late last night 50-49 without one GOP vote and with 4 Democratic senators voting against.

Ryan's political document restructures American society as we have known it....ending Medicare as a single payer, not-for-profit, insurance system for seniors, massively reducing Medicaid in a block-grant-to-states gimmick predicted to cut the service for the poor by more than 10%. Slashing billions from SNAP, unemployment, and a host of other services for the poor, the elderly, veterans and the vulnerable. But no new sources of revenue.

Plus, also, too.....huge tax rate reductions for the richest Americans....which means a huge LOSS in revenues. Ryan claims that his wishful-thinking-and-cross-your-fingers political budget document, if followed, will balance the budget in 10 years.

Paul Ryan says his political statement budget is all about getting our budget balanced in 10 years....yet, for some reason Ryan's budget includes a huge tax cut on America's richest.....a reduction on the highest income tax rate from 39.6% down to 25%.

Then, in the Senate political-statement budget, we have what Senate Democrats call a more balanced approach to our budgetary problems. Senate Democrats call for raising $1 trillion in new revenue coupled with $875 billion in spending cuts. "Those reductions would be generated by modest cuts to federal health care programs, domestic agencies and the Pentagon and reduced government borrowing costs." In addition, the Senate document includes $100 billion for infrastructure and jobs training.

According to the Very Serious, these two budgets are reflective of our political party extremes. Ryan budget....way out on the right. Patty Murray's Senate budget....way out on the left.


The truth is that Democrats in the Senate have offered up a centrist plan, a balanced plan. Raise some revenues, cut some spending, provide some immediate stimulus to deal with the 7.7% unemployment problem. That's a down-the-middle, moderate, centrist approach. One which Republicans of the Reagan era would have had no problem endorsing....and indeed, did.

What Americans are being given the choice the GOP extreme-right plan, one that couldn't have gained traction during the days of St. Ronnie....and the centrist, bordering-on-conservative plan from the Senate. A plan Republicans of old would have voted for without too many reservations. The two budgets are extreme-right and centrist Village.

One might wonder....well,....where is the budget plan from the far-left? You know, that far-left, fringy, leftist, liberal extreme budget we often hear mocked and villified.....but whose details we never actually get to hear?

This budget.

Because the teevee and newspaper Villagers no longer's unlikely you've heard much about the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget. Those in media who serve the powerful know about the budget from the CPC....but because, just like with the run-up to Iraq, true liberal positions are not permitted to be aired on national outlets, so too the CPC budget. The CPC budget is "that which media does not speak of"....because if the media did elaborate on it, then, the media's entire left-right extremes bullshite would be exposed for what it bullshite.

The WaPo's Ezra Klein puts it this way....

The correct counterpart to the unbridled ambition of the Ryan budget isn’t the cautious plan released by the Senate Democrats. It’s the “Back to Work” budget released by the House Progressives.

The Progressive budget raises tax rates on the wealthy, a 49% income tax rate on everything over a billion a year,....closes tax loopholes for the rich, institutes a carbon tax and a financial transaction tax.....and spends $2.1 trillion over two years in new stimulus. Also, the Progressive budget includes $900 billion in defense cuts and the addition of a public option into the ACA.

The liberal Economic Policy Institute estimates that would be sufficient to “boost gross domestic product (GDP) by 5.7 percent and employment by 6.9 million jobs at its peak level of effectiveness (within one year of implementation).”

Growth plus debt reduction over time. THAT is the liberal budget proposal.....not the Senate proposal which barely passed last night.

No, neither Ryan's budget, nor the CPC budget will ultimately pass in Congress.....but my question here is, why can't Americans hear the details of the CPC budget just like they have heard all about the details of Ryan's regressive plan and the Senate Dems centrist plan? Instead, the Villagers only allow an airing of a centrist plan and an extreme-right budget plan, falsely characterizing the former as extreme left.

The way to move the nation's politics to the right, especially on economic matters....even when the population is moving to pretend that a centrist, moderate budget plan from Senate Democrats is a representation from the far-left extreme, and a counterpart to the extremity of the regressive Ryan plan....while totally ignoring the legitimately liberal budget from the Progressive Caucus.

That's how it's done.



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