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Facts Stubbornly Maintain Liberal Bent

By The Reverend Published: May 27, 2011

Washington D.C.'s "Beltway Media" has been obsessed with national deficits and debt ever since the black Democratic President Obama took office. Before Obama took office, while the previous administration was doubling the national debt and exploding the deficit, very little was said about debt and deficits. No one noticed, I guess.

The moment the new President suggested a stimulus would be necessary to prevent the misery of a national depression.....the conservative-leaning screechers in corporate media found their deficit and debt screeching voice they had lost during the 00's.....and turned the volume knob up to eleven.

Now, 2+ years into Obama's first term, talk of deficits and debt do all the kewl asses say it?.....sucked all the oxygen out of the room. It's deficits and debt talk wall to wall, every day. Commissions and Gangs of Six and Ryan's Roadmap to Ruin and special presidential speeches on deficits and the endless....and I mean effing endless....conservative media hand wringing over whatever will we do about our terrible, awful, very bad, world ending budget deficits and national debt.

So far, the Village consensus has been that the elderly, the schoolchildren, the disabled and the poor should be made to pay for the deficits and debt. Not the most moral approach to budget shortfalls but then, how can our richest citizens continue to see their tax rates go down if the vulnerable, the old, the children and the disabled continue to be coddled the way they are now? An exceptional and compassionate nation like ours must, you know, maintain some scruples.

Just in case the Village messaging sounds a bit discordant.....smells a little fishy.....comes across as phony and dishonest, as if being purposely repeated each day only to benefit the tax cutting dreams of our nation's millionaires and billionaires...just in case, let's review where this so-called debt and deficit problem comes from.....

This is a very important graph. We're being bombarded hourly by teevee talking heads, politicians, lobbyists and "experts" all suggesting that Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, important government programs, public schools, public employee pensions....must all be slashed because the projected budget deficits will surely mean bankruptcy if we don't.

Take a good look at where the projected deficits come from. By far, the largest share of projected deficit increases come from the Bush era tax cuts. Take away the Bush tax cuts and the costs of two needless, yet expensive, military occupations of mass destruction.....and the talking heads would be forced to talk about something else besides how poor, elderly and disabled citizens need to "sacrifice" for the sake of the

rich country.

Now there's no question that the economic downturn caused by Serious, Professional Wall Street Bonus-Baby Experts recklessly gambling with other people's money....contributes to our government's revenue shortfall. However, when you add together the costs to the country of the Bush tax cuts and the wars of occupation (empire), can easily see how those two factors, by themselves, are the primary sources of future revenue shortfalls.

Yet, very little is being debated over ending the Bush era tax cuts or reining in our out-of-control, world policing, middle east occupying, defense department. Without these two costly expenditures (on credit) conservative deception artists would be looking for some new wool to pull over the public's eyes that could be solved with more tax cuts for the wealthiest.

I realize that it's hard to avoid the current clamor by propagandists to place the blame for our economic situation and projected national debt onto the backs of our country's most vulnerable. Every hour on the hour, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security recipients are being blamed....teachers, EMT's and police are being blamed.....the coddled disabled and terminally ill are being blamed....unjustly, for the nation's debt problem.

But the facts don't lie. Average American workers did not cause our debt problem. Seniors didn't either. Nor the disabled and poor. The blame belongs to deep and historic tax cutting primarily helping only the country's wealthiest..... military occupations of choice.....and a depressed economy brought about by the unregulated greed-games of Wall Street's slickest con-artists.

Just because the compromised corporate media and shameless politicians and teevee anchors refuse to mention those facts every day...doesn't mean they aren't still true.



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