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Failing Basic Honesty

By The Reverend Published: April 10, 2010

See if you can determine who brings up Sarah Palin in the following short video clip....

Could you figure it out? ABC's George Stephanopoulos brings up Sarah Palin. President Obama responds to a question by Stephanopoulos in which George inserts the criticism and name of Sarah Palin. Obama RESPONDS to a Stephanopoulos question which includes Sarah Palin by name, and her criticism of Obama's announcement of a reduction-in-nukes agreement with the Russians.

I know it's difficult for the left and the right in America to agree on much anymore.....but I'm pretty damn sure that we can all agree that ABC's George Stephanopoulos brings Sarah Palin up in his interview with the president. Not Barack Obama.

With me so far?

Now, go to the 1:58 mark of this video clip and see what Serious, Professional, Journalists and Analysts have to say about that specific piece of Stephanopoulos' interview of Obama...

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First....did you notice how MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who is enthralled by Mrs. Palin generally, edited Stephanopoulos' questions completely out of the the impression that Obama is the person who brings Sarah Palin into the discussion?

Matthews: "Well, there he (Obama) goes."

Matthews: "But isn't it a mistake for the president to get down in the ditch with her?"

Chris Cilizza: "Yes. He (Obama) is a guy who is going to, at least, try to answer the question.......but yeah, of course it's great, this is a great day for Sarah Palin. The President of the U.S. got into a little tiff with her it or not, she speaks in spoundbites and that's what 'bulldogs' do."

Matthews: references Pat Buchanan's rule when the racist Buchanan used "lock and load" in his own campaign in the 80's, "...and it's a good rule...attack up, don't attack down. There's the president attacking Sarah Palin attacking down, giving her a shaft of opportunity to go right at him."

The Reverend: Huh?

At the very end...

Matthews: "If Al Gore would have had 10 minutes of her (Palin)...he'd be president."

The Reverend: Huh?

What can be said about stuff like this coming from Very Serious, Professional Journalists and Analysts?

I suppose that when Stephanopoulos raised Palin's name and criticisms, Obama could have responded with "no comment." But if he had...then those same Very Serious, Professional Journalists and Analysts would have been demanding answers to questions like....'what is the president so afraid of when it comes to Sarah Palin?'

This is a very frustrating feature of the Village media. These Professionals can only see one thing when they see Sarah Palin.....a ratings bonanza. In the real non-Village world, Palin is openly vindictative, bitchy, clueless, unjustifiably cocky, and little more than a pom-pom girl/opportunist for the Republican Party.

Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. Village media members KNOW that Palin is a box of rocks in a skirt, they KNOW that a wide majority of Americans believe she is unqualified for the presidency, including Republicans.....and yet, because of lust for ratings...these same Serious Professionals PRETEND otherwise.

Which brings me to the just concluded Southern Conservative Leadership Conference at which Mrs. Palin was the BIG hit.

Village reporters were absolutely breathless over Palin's performance bashing Obama and the Democrats with non-stop, cutsey little "sound bites". Reports from these "journalists" were embarassing.

Here's what Chris Matthews praised as "all that excitement"....

Palin said..."don't retreat, reload...and that is not a call for violence." The non-T-Party crowd went berserk.

Palin: "Repeal and replace." "How's that hopey-changey thing workin' out for ya' now?"
The non-T-Party crowd's response was jubilant and loud.

Chris Cilizza: "Remember the crowd she's talking to. This is 3500 Republican activists."

Matthews: (to his credit) "Okay, what does reload mean to them, then?"

Cilizza: Stutters and blubbers badly, can't answer....then says..."I said, target is a word that is used quite regularly in politics"

These very same Serious Journalists KNOW that the leading spokespeople for the Republican Party....Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity...Sarah Palin, are constantly "flirting" on the edge of violence. These Professionals know that. Chris Cilizza refused to answer Matthews' question about Palin using the word "reload", because he KNOWS it's an irresponsibility on Palin's part, potentially provoking violence, the type of violence from the unhinged right we've already seen so much of.

But Cilizza can't admit it.

All of this started in the fall of 2008 with the Palin campaign events. I documented the insanity then at her campaign stops. Palin's campaign crazies gave way to the Tea Party sore losers and Townhall buster-uppers of 2009.....which are now being followed by increasing threats and acts of right wing violence, maps from Palin with rifle scope crosshairs marking Democratic seats, claims from the Drugster that Americans are being "raped" by their government.....and yet all this craziness is called "exciting", "brilliant", "genius" the Serious Villagers.

Isn't there something fundamentally wrong with this picture?



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