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Fear Of Obama Dictatorship

By The Reverend Published: January 10, 2013

I can't stand the contradictions.....or, in blog words.....the stupid, it burns.

Yesterday, VP Joe Biden, in his role heading President Obama's gun violence commission, said this...."The president is going to act," said Biden, giving some comments to the press before a meeting with victims of gun violence. "There are executive orders, there's executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet. But we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required."

Those few brief sentences were enough to send the insurrectionist right into uncontrollable spasms of knee-jerk-nuttery. Matt Drudge immediately posted the headline, "White House Threatens Executive Orders on Guns" below pictures of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Which got the screecher groups rolling in an unusually high-pitched are a few short examples...

The Right Scoop....

The president who got the dictator vote is once again going to act like a dictator and go around Congress to issue an executive order to deal with guns,....

Michelle Malkin....

Here’s a comforting thought: if the executive orders start flying and a constitutional amendment is ignored, we can count on Congress to… stand there and let it happen.

The Free Republic....

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see this coming. Why do you think Biden PROMISED a gun grab bill would be signed by the end of this month? He couldn’t rely on Congress, so if he made that promise, it was obvious that Obama had already told him this would be done through executive orders.

Deconstruction ahead....

It is possible that Joe Biden chose his words carefully when he brought up executive orders. It is possible that Biden was looking for the exact response from the Excitables that he got. Note that Biden did not give any details on what those executive orders would be addressing. Most likely, as others have mentioned, Biden was referring to presidential executive orders that have to do with the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Because Biden didn't allowed room for wild-eyed speculation by the Order of the Birthers. Once exposed (again) as irresponsible....jump to conclusions....extremists, perhaps Biden and Obama thought they might be marginalized making a sensible deal on gun regulations more tenable. I don't necessarily buy that argument, but whatever.

What I want to address is the Drudge comparison of Obama with Stalin and Hitler....monsters of dictatorship. The conservative, fear-of-Obama-as-dictator group is greatly alarmed by just the thought of an executive order which might exclude military-style heavy weaponry from being sold and/or purchased in the U.S......even though no one has suggested such an order and the executive branch, alone, could not legally order such a thing.

Yet, President Obama has already implemented dictatorial powers, similar to Stalin's or Hitler's, which the same extremist-right lovingly embraces. President Obama has stated unequivocally that he, alone, has the power to decide who should be assassinated. Without oversight, without due process, without checks and balances. President Obama has already ordered, and the military carried out, the assassinations of U.S. citizens.

Additionally, with the help of overwhelming bipartisan approval, President Obama has institutionalized, via the National Defense Authorization Act, the power of the executive branch to indefinitely imprison suspects....U.S. citizens not excluded.....without any due process.

Now tell me.....what could be more threatening to a free democratic society? A president who already has ordered, unilaterally, the assassinations of U.S. citizens (one, a teenager) without a shred of due obscure comment by a Vice-President heading Obama's gun violence commission saying that there are some things the executive branch can accomplish on gun violence through executive order?

In other words, if the Drudges and the screechers are closely guarding our U.S. rights as laid out in the Constitution....why haven't they made a rather large issue out of the Kenyan Imposter's claims of assassination powers? Wouldn't a nation's leader, who secretly examines a potential assassination list regularly.....a list which can, and has, included U.S. citizens....and claims, he alone, has the power to decide life and death.....wouldn't that nation's leader be imitating powers once claimed by Hitler and Stalin, dictatorial powers?

Yet, the same people who are losing their shite over what Biden said yesterday about executive orders......have been virtually silent about Obama's unconstitutional, unilateral assassination powers. To me, this is contradictory....bordering on delusion.

While I have no fear, whatsoever, that the executive branch will simply order new gun regulations on American gun owners...and Biden never said anything close to that....I am concerned about declared and acted upon presidential powers that give one person, and without oversight, the power to assassinate anyone he chooses....including U.S. citizens.

On that point Drudge, and Fox, and ElFatbo are unconcerned.

Therein lies the unresolvable dissonance.



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