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Fearing Fox

By The Reverend Published: October 4, 2010

Much of what's wrong in the political arena of America today is caused by Fox News-That-Isn't.

During the unbelievable and despicable lynching of the community group, was Fox who put pressure on their competitors in the media to run the Jimmy O'Keefe-fabricated, fraudulently edited video sting tapes that Fox had been yammering about non-stop for days. CBS, ABC, NBC and others soon caved, not wanting to be late to the ratings-boosting, pile-on party. Within days, Congress was passing a bill to defund ACORN.

That's simply one example of the power behind the faux-news empire run by Rupert Murdoch. Not only do Fox interviewer-impersonators bully their centrist-left interviewees.....simply watch O'Reilly or Hannity on any week night for proof.....Fox also bullies their fellow media competitors into follow-the-leader "reporting" on phony or fraudulent stories. Competitors of Fox cave to fear. Fear that they will miss out on potentially profitable ratings from "popular" news narratives which Fox is already profiting from.

Here's another example.....

At a climate-change conference in South Carolina on January 5, 2010, Senator Lindey Graham (R-SC) started to sound a little like Al Gore. "I have come to conclude that greenhouse gases and carbon pollution" are "not a good thing," Graham said. He insisted that nobody could convince him that "all the cars and trucks and plants that have been in existence since the Industrial Revolution, spewing out carbon day in and day out," could be "a good thing for your children and the future of the planet." Environmentalists swooned. "Graham was the most inspirational part of that triumvirate (Kerry, Lieberman, Graham) throughout the fall and winter," Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, said. "He was advocating for strong action on climate change from an ethical and a moral perspective."

You may remember back earlier in the year when it seemed like Congress was actually going to bring a climate change/carbon limiting bill to the President's desk. You may remember how at the last minute Senator Lindsey Graham backed out and blamed Harry Reid for introducing an immigration bill before the climate change bill.

Even though the AB Journal, at the time, defended Graham's an editorial blaming Reid's what Lindsey Graham was really afraid of......

But, back in Washington, Graham warned Lieberman and Kerry that they needed to get as far as they could in negotiating the bill "before Fox News got wind of the fact that this was a serious process," one of the people involved in the negotiations said. "He would say, 'The second they focus on us, it's gonna be all cap-and-tax all the time, and it's gonna become just a disaster for me on the airwaves. We have to move this along as quickly as possible.' "

"before Fox News got wind of the fact that this was a serious process"

Lindsey Graham, sometimes referred to as a moderate Republican because he actually engages on legislative issues, was most afraid of what Fox News-That-Isn't could do to him over climate change legislation....even though he isn't up for re-election until 2014.

That's the power that Fox holds over our political process. It is the power of fear. Even though Graham was convinced that climate change legislation was essential to our nation's future, his fear of Fox, and what they would do to him, how they would portray him if he cooperated with Democrats......finally scared him away from the process altogether.

That is the power of Fox News.

Ryan Lizza's piece is well worth reading in it's entirety. Legislation is rarely, if ever, "debated" in front of the C-SPAN cameras.....rather, it's orchestrated behind closed doors, with small groups of very powerful people. Lizza's New Yorker article is a case study on how our modern system of goverance actually works.

Back in 2002-2003, The Reverend was astonished at the national media's campaign to defend, and cheer for, the Bush-Cheney crime of attacking the sovereign and non-threatening country of Iraq. That disgraceful time led me to start blogging.

Since 2002, our media-problem has only worsened.....and worsened exponentially. The most often viewed "news" network in America is Fox. Just as Fox works hourly to stoke fear in it's audience.....fear of gays, fear of Muslims, fear of Obama, fear of Hispanics, fear of courts, fear of prisons, fear of too, does Fox instill fear in elected officials.....just like with Lindsey Graham and climate legislation.



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