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Fighting By Surrendering

By The Reverend Published: January 26, 2010

I stand corrected.

I was under the assumption that last Tuesday night's special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy's old senate seat election to fill Ted Kennedy's old senate seat.

Never have I been so mixed up.

I have been learning, since last Tuesday, that Republican candidate, Scott Brown, was actually elected President last week.

See how mixed up I was?

Perhaps it's all part of some yet-plumbed paragraph in the Patriot Act.....or something. Sure week after Scott Brown was elected to replace Barack Obama as president, Obama has begun to capitulate.....apparently ready to hand over the reins of executive leadership to that 41st Republican senator....41st out of 100 total.

What made The Reverend finally see the truth about our new, only-elected-by-Massachusetts....Reality Show Senator/President? This white flag raised by Obama yesterday.....

President Obama will propose freezing non-security discretionary government spending for the next three years, a sweeping plan to attempt deficit reduction that will save taxpayers $250 billion over 10 years.


If the changes are passed, the non-security discretionary spending will be at its lowest level in 50 years. It currently is $447 billion for fiscal year 2010, and the administration wants it kept at or below that level through 2013, the official said.

Can new tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans be far behind?

What's going on here?

Because Rahm and Barack are the only two people alive who can play 11 dimensional political chess while simultaneously reading War and Peace and conducting, flawlessly, Handel's Messiah......they both understand that the Massachusetts special election was really a referendum on Obama's presidency.

And because Rahm and Barack are galactically smarter than all politicians who have come before them, they know that when Democrats have 59 senators and Republicans only have 41......Americans really want the 41 to make all the nation's decisions.

Rahm and Barack know that when an incoherent and tiny movement of poor-loser types calling themselves the Tea Partiers, or TeaBaggers, endorse a Scott Brown-type and help him to get elected in Massachusetts.....that immediately, all Democrats should begin voting to implement the Republican policy of cutting and freezing government spending on social programs. That's how f*cking smart Rahm and Barack are.

I confess, I'm nowhere close to being that you'll have to excuse my ignorance.

Put another way......Rahm and Barack, after beating, and beating, and beating....that dead and decomposed horse named Bipartisanship all summer and early fall-long......with truly amazing results by the way, the White House Power Duo have now decided, after President Scott Brown was elected, that the problem with beating that dead horse is that the club hasn't been big enough to get the job done.

Put yet another way. If Rahm and Barack think that moronic independent TeaParty voters are going to change their disingenuous or disinformed minds about voting for Congressional Democrats this November because they have announced that they will freeze federal spending on domestic programs......if the Power Duo thinks that.....then, they must be, you know, inhaling.

Tomorrow night Obama will give his first official State of the Union address. If the planned leak yesterday about freezing non-defense government spending is any indication of what Obama will say tomorrow night....American progressives are in for a real treat.

Having already reneged on many campaign promises,......responding when criticized for doing so by bashing progressives who helped to get him elected.....can there be any doubt that tomorrow night Barack Obama will officially retract his campaign slogan of "Yes, We Can"...replacing it with the more Teabagger-friendly slogan, "No, We Really Can't?"

Obama gave a speech late last week where he used the words fight and fighting....some 17-20 times. Obama often repeated the phrase, "I'll fight for you." I have no idea what he was talking about.

Usually, when political combatants raise the white flag, it means they are surrendering.

But, then, Rahm and Barack are really, really smart....and have been astonishingly successful, so far, co-opting Serious Republican bipartisan what would I know?

More of Obama's surrender terms, here.



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