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Fill The Bong With Water, Crumble The Constitution....

By The Reverend Published: August 24, 2007


As the miscreant neo-conservatives got high toking on the bong packed with the Constitution last week, they started to hyper-chat (while munching on Fritos) about their victory over American freedom.

Would the virtual neutering of FISA, carried out so deceptively by these neo-con stoners, be enough to allow the Stoner-in-Chief (SIC) to spy in a totally unrestricted manner over ALL Americans without ANY oversight or accountability? That was the question inquiring Constitution tokers needed to answer.

And so they did.....

... Bush administration officials have already signaled that, in their view, the president retains his constitutional authority to do whatever it takes to protect the country, regardless of any action Congress takes. At a tense meeting last week with lawyers from a range of private groups active in the wiretapping issue, senior Justice Department officials refused to commit the administration to adhering to the limits laid out in the new legislation and left open the possibility that the president could once again use what they have said in other instances is his constitutional authority to act outside the regulations set by Congress.

At the meeting, Bruce Fein, a Justice Department lawyer in the Reagan administration, along with other critics of the legislation, pressed Justice Department officials repeatedly for an assurance that the administration considered itself bound by the restrictions imposed by Congress. The Justice Department, led by Ken Wainstein, the assistant attorney general for national security, refused to do so, according to three participants in the meeting. That stance angered Mr. Fein and others. It sent the message, Mr. Fein said in an interview, that the new legislation, though it is already broadly worded, "is just advisory. The president can still do whatever he wants to do. They have not changed their position that the president's Article II powers trump any ability by Congress to regulate the collection of foreign intelligence." Link

Nothing like the high from smoking the Constitution, huh? Looks like it makes neo-cons delirious or something.

"Unitary executive" stoners cling to the Nixonian hallucination that if the president does it, it isn't illegal. Nixon, Haldeman, and Erlichman must have been doing the softer stuff back then. But hey, one guy's hallucination is another guy's "executive privilege" so who's going to complain about what substance is being abused, just as long as the Constitution is dishonored in the process. It's the Republican way.

But honestly now, can you imagine these White House and Justice Department ass-clowns, orchestrating such a frenzied act of deception through fear, all in order to eliminate any pesky FISA oversight rules before a feckless Congress took their summer break.....and then after completing the bamboozlement.....saying, "Well that's all great and all but we don't have to obey this bullsh*t anyway"?

I never thought I would long for the Nixon days when an aspiring gang of neo-conservatives-in-training were satisfied with getting high breaking and entering into Democratic Party offices.

Do you think this new bunch of Bush-style Constitution tokers became immune to the Nixon-era "threshold" drugs of power abuse and had to do the hard stuff just to get a buzz?

What's that phrase?....oh yeah...JUST. SAY. NO.... to all these power-drug crazed F'ers.



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