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Finally, Obama Calls Out Lying, Professional Media

By The Reverend Published: May 27, 2014

The GOP could not prevent the election of America's first black president. And try as they might, they couldn't stop his re-election either. But Republicans have done a good job of obstructing Obama's two term presidency.

Other than the four months in 2009 when Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate.....during which the ACA was passed....Republicans have spent the rest of Obama's presidency doing everything they could to stop Obama's agenda. In over 230 years of American history, no political party has ever amassed the number of filibusters today's Republicans have invoked to stop any and all Democratic legislation.

Meanwhile.....while all that has been going on.....corporate media play acted being clueless. First, corporate media embraced and helped to promote a "new grassroots movement" which, all along, was obviously nothing other than the extreme elements of the Republican Party. Then, as the GOP obstruction began in earnest in 2010 thanks to that "new grassroots movement" of Republican voters, main media resorted to their nauseating "both sides do it" theme......refusing to report on how extreme the GOP had become.

Of all the media themes spun during Obama's presidency, the one that insists "both sides do it" the most dishonest. If a progressive points out the history-breaking GOP obstruction record during Obama, "both sides do it" media members inform that Republicans just can't trust Obama to do the right thing.

In this way of evading journalistic responsibility, historic GOP filibustering and an intent to obstruct not seen in the U.S. postured as equivalent with GOP distrust of Obama. He-said-he said journalism. Equivalency journalism is cowardly journalism, lazy journalism, dishonest journalism.

After 5 1/2 years of equivalency-seeking political journalism Obama has seen enough. Last week the president finally spoke candidly about this cowardly and dishonest failure by corporate media.....

“You’ll hear if you watch the nightly news or you read the newspapers that, well, there’s gridlock, Congress is broken, approval ratings for Congress are terrible. And there’s a tendency to say, a plague on both your houses."

You see, GOP obstruction in Congress isn't described by Professional Media Members for what it is. That would be taking sides, dontchaknow. If Republicans set records obstructing the White House....that means that "there's gridlock." Any time the MSM informs of a new low in approval ratings for Congress.....the MSM doesn't conclude that the new low is because Republicans are preventing anything from being accomplished, or are entirely unwilling to compromise. Instead the MSM concludes that "Congress is broken....and both sides are equally at fault for that state of brokenness."

“So the problem…is not that the Democrats are overly ideological — because the truth of the matter is, is that the Democrats in Congress have consistently been willing to compromise and reach out to the other side."

Nothing even similar to the extremities we've witnessed coming from the right exist on the left today. As Obama went on to say, nothing that congressional Democrats have fought for has been offered up without a willingness to compromise. Not so of congressional Republicans. Nothing Democrats have passed is radical or even unusual.....most of it had bipartisan support before Obama was elected. But Republicans took a blood oath the night of Obama's inauguration to obstruct everything Obama favored so that they would not be seen as, you know, palling around with terrorists.

President Obama, to his credit, came right out and called corporate media members liars for their obsession with false equivalencies....

“So when you hear a false equivalence that somehow, well, Congress is just broken, it’s not true. What’s broken right now is a Republican Party that repeatedly says no to proven, time-tested strategies to grow the economy, create more jobs, ensure fairness, open up opportunity to all people.”

There is something wrong all right. And that something is today's Republican Party. Congress is not broken. Today's GOP is broken. Both sides are not doing "it", only the Republican side.

The GOP opposes the federal government, the Democrats still believe government can work for the people. There's no better way for Republicans to gain popular hate-support against government than to make sure government can't function. By guaranteeing that Congress can't work.....the GOP is hoping to win over voters disgusted with congressional dysfunction. The dysfunction GOP'ers purposely created.

Yet, to our fourth estate members.....all those obvious realities are ignored. To Professional Media, unilateral, calculated and cynical obstruction by the GOP just means that "Congress is broken" and "both sides are responsible" for the federal government's inability to make progress on behalf of the people.

Good on Obama for saying it like it really is. The Professional Media deserved every word.



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