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Financing Geezers "Extra Cable Channels"

By The Reverend Published: May 16, 2011

Those in our main media who do nothing but service America's wealthiest citizens don't even try to hide it anymore. It's unseemly.

Think about it. Those who service others for money, say, like, escorts....usually do their servicing in private. But it seems when it comes to media servicers like Washington Post columnist, Robert Samuelson, there's no shame in stripping down to the bare essence right out in public.

When House Speaker John Boehner calls for trillions of dollars of spending cuts, the message is clear. Any deal to raise the federal debt ceiling must include significant savings in Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Boehner is the House Speaker in a tripartite legislative system which also includes the Democratically controlled Senate and the Democratically controlled White House. Boehner has already "called" for a lot of stuff from his lonely House perch. He has "called" for limiting abortion, ending funding for Planned Parenthood, and a bunch of other similar throwaway Tea Party red-meat gestures.

So, when Boehner "calls" for is only taken seriously by main media servicers like Samuelson.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Eric Cantor have already acknowledged that the debt ceiling must be lifted. It isn't as if these Republicans do not understand what will happen to our nation's economy if they fail to expand our nation's credit line by another $2 trillion. Recall the recent GOP "we're going to shut 'er down" mockudrama over the 2011 budget. These same GOP'ers caved at the last moment.

What these GOP posers, along with their servicers like Samuelson, are trying to do is fool uninformed constituents that they really, truly....not kidding....they are oh-so-serious this time about reducing the nation's latest-convenient-boogeyman....deficits and debt. Which, of course, is laughable.

These are the same guys who struck a "Grand Compromise" with our conservative president 5 months ago to add....yes additional $2 trillion to the debt over 2 years. Republicans, no matter what they say while preening, do not care one whit about the deficit or the debt.

Boehner and Samuelson's it always to strip back those evil FDR-legacy "entitlements". The fact that that's what the GOP has been trying to do ever since...well...FDR, is, I'm sure, only a coincidence.

Again, it's all the geezers fault.

Samuelson stomps his supply side feet and insists that the retirees "must" take a hit on Social Security and Medicare if Johnny Boy Boehner's "call" for "trillions in spending cuts" is to be honored.

I have been urging higher eligibility ages and more means-testing for Social Security and Medicare for so long that I forget that many Americans still accept the outdated and propagandistic notion that old age automatically impoverishes people.

Bob Samuelson is slick. Notice how he doesn't start off by informing his readers that Social Security does not add one dime to our national deficit or debt....and won't for nearly 26 years....and only then if we don't raise the payroll tax deduction cap? Notice that?

No, Samuelson, as he kneels to service our nation's wealthiest...starts off by insinuating that America's elderly are not as poor as they used to be....and so, I guess, the elderly should be the first demographic to take a hit from Boehner's bogus debt-reduction cannon. Nice touch.

Boehner, Cantor, McDonnell and Samuelson, as phony-meme spreaders do, have repeatedly spouted the phrase...."we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem." Which leads these knee-jerkers immediately to demand cuts in our country's most popular programs, SS and Medicare....which the American people have made clear they do not want cut.

Here's the problem with that "we don't have a revenue problem" thing. We actually do have a problem with revenue. From McClatchy...

In 2000, federal revenues equaled 21 percent of the gross domestic product. Today? Try 14.4 percent, or the lowest level since 1950. The effective tax rate for the wealthiest 1 percent? It fell from 33 percent in 2000 to 29 percent in 2007.

Samuelson is well aware of those numbers. But his job is to convince you that those numbers don't exist. Why? Because his job is to shill for the wealthiest Americans....trying his best to divert your attention away from those low McClatchy revenue percentages and instead, focus your attention on the 'not-poor' elderly. Samuelson's only objective is to keep taxes from being increased on our nation's richest citizens. The same objective of the modern Republican Party. true Alan Simpson fashion, Robert Samuelson insults his readers and all the elderly by tossing out this rubbish....

Social Security was intended to prevent poverty, not finance recipients' extra cable channels. Medicare provides peace of mind as well as health insurance; wealthier recipients can afford to pay more for their peace of mind. Burden-sharing needs to include the elderly. This is the crux of the budget problem.

According to this pompous, Knee-Pad wearing, Post columnist, in an age when America's wealthiest are paying the lowest income tax rates in 60 years, "sharing" the nation's debt burden must fall on seniors sucking Simpson's million teat cows of Social Security and Medicare...rather than making all America's rich pay a bit more in income taxes. Why?

Because today's elderly are not poor.

That's what passes as Serious Professional mainstream journalism these days.



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