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Fire General Petraeus

By The Reverend Published: February 3, 2009

At a meeting with President Obama on January 21, General David Petraeus, "tried to convince President Barack Obama that he had to back down from his campaign pledge to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq within 16 months.." says Gareth Porter, an IPS reporter.

But Obama informed Gates, Petraeus and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen that he wasn't convinced and that he wanted Gates and the military leaders to come back quickly with a detailed 16-month plan, according to two sources who have talked with participants in the meeting.

There are indications that Petraeus and his allies in the military and the Pentagon, including Gen. Ray Odierno, now the top commander in Iraq, have already begun to try to pressure Obama to change his withdrawal policy.

I got a chuckle out of this....

"Petraeus was visibly unhappy when he left the Oval Office,.."

White House staffer present at the time...

"Petraeus made the mistake of thinking he was still dealing with George Bush instead of with Barack Obama."

What Obama needs to do, if Petraeus and others keep this cry-baby whining up, actively plotting against the fire their asses.

Obama campaigned, and was elected by a wide margin, promising to get our military out of Iraq in 16 months. The neo-cons would never leave Iraq, because as their Dear Leader once told them, "leaving is losing."

Now that we have a non-maniac as president, the truth can be spoken once more....America loses if we stay in Iraq. The neo-con maniacs and their defense contractors lose if we leave Iraq. The Knee Pad Media Warriors who waved their pom-poms so often in favor of an illegal attack of a sovereign country posing no danger to America...........might have their oh-so-respectable reputations tarnished if our American military leaves Iraq.

But Americans.... the

So my recommendation for President Obama over the military brass mentioned in Gareth Porter's article who want to undermine the president's new mission them. When military honchos refuse to obey the Commander in Chief's orders.....what happens? Courtmartial.

If a group of lifer-officers are working in concert to undermine the president's plan........that could be considered treason.

A network of senior military officers is also reported to be preparing to support Petraeus and Odierno by mobilising public opinion against Obama's decision.

Tell Bob Gates to arrest those "senior military officers", who are working directly against their Commander's orders, place them in the brig until they can be placed on trial for treason.

None of the military....none.....have the right to organize or act politically. The military, from the grunt to the 4 star, obey orders. Generals obey the orders of the president....or face the consequences.

Read Porter's complete article.



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