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First Libby.....Now Gonzales

By The Reverend Published: July 27, 2007


First.... I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Libby, it is now known, lied repeatedly to a Grand Jury, while under oath, in an attempt to obstruct the investigation into the White House's outing of the covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame. Scooter was convicted by a jury on four felony counts of perjury and obstruction of justice and sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. The president quickly commuted Libby's prison sentence while leaving Scooter's conviction standing, thus removing any risks that Libby would tell what he knew out of fear of prison and yet at the same time giving Libby an excuse to remain silent while his appeal of the still standing conviction was carried out. Fifth amendment rights being what they are.

The Reverend has no doubt that Libby purposely lied. He became the "designated liar" in the whole Plame caper. The Scooter is a very shrewd and intelligent lawyer who knew, while he was lying, what he was doing. By doing his obedient lying for the White House he was accomplishing two things. First, he was protecting the conspiracy that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove had worked out in their attempts to silence critics like Joe Wilson. Secondly, as the Plame case was adjudicated Libby was kicking the can down the road. The can of worms that was the fraudulent selling of Bush's neo-conservative war of choice in Iraq. Bush did not want that can of worms opened before the re-election of Bush/Cheney in 2004. After the re-election the Libby trial became a diversion in itself helping to run out the clock on the Bush administration which ends (hopefully) in 2009. Scooter knew he would be pardoned. It was all just a matter of when and how.

Scooter Libby was and is a loyal soldier of the Bush neo-conservative cult.

Now Alberto Gonzales....

With Alberto's spectacular lying session before a Senate committee this week, the similarities with Libby are unavoidable. Alberto Gonzales has been lying with intent and did so again this week. In this he is similar to Scooter Libby. Did Libby know he was lying? Of course. Does Gonzales know he is lying? Of course he does.

Why is Gonzales lying about firing U.S Attorneys, torture memoes he helped draft, late night visits to the hospital, and the president's illegal warrantless wiretapping on Americans program? Just like in the case of Libby, Alberto is lying to protect his criminal bosses in the hopes that the clock ticking down on their administration will run out. All the while knowing that this hopelessly criminal president will surely pardon Gonzales, Bush's ol' Texas buddy, of any and all wrongdoing.

After listening to Gonzales' cocky and defiant testimony of lies this week, I came away with only one answer to why a man who is the Attorney General of the United States of America would do what he did. He, just like Libby, could care less about law and order or checks and balances or separation of powers or even the Constitution. Alberto only cares about covering for Bush's crimes. This, and this alone, can explain why Gonzales threw caution to the wind and acted so recklessly.

When Scooter Libby and Alberto Gonzales each put their hand upon the Bible and swore allegiance to the Constitution they were lying then too. Their allegiance has never been to the Constitution or the American people. These oh-so-loyal soldiers only care about protecting, at any cost, George W. Bush's corrupt and criminal administration.



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