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FISA Farce

By The Reverend Published: January 28, 2008

The Senate activity late this afternoon over the FISA bill rewrite has a certain sadness to it.

Senate Republicans, co-conspirators with the Junior White House since 2001, are still to this day going along with the childish wishes of the worst president America has ever known. It's sad to witness the Republican Senators, at this late date of the failed and internationally embarassing Bush Junior presidency, being so quick to comply with even more Junior ass-covering attempts.

George W. Bush is speaking this evening in the State of the Union address and he has instructed his co-conspirators in the Senate to deliver up yet another College Republican, Karl Rovian type scam just before Junior steps to the podium.

Bush wants NO extension of the existing law, he only wants immunity for those tele-communications corporations who criminally conspired with him, as early as February 2001, in direct violation of the FISA laws and the 4th Amendment to the Constitution dealing with illegal government spying and/or eavesdropping on Americans without judicial warrants.

Bush said he would veto an extension. That's where the Senate looks like it's headed now.....a 30 day extension.....but Bush Junior says no, that's not what he wants. He'll use tonight's speech as an opportunity to rail on Democrats for not protecting America somehow.....all the while what he really cares about is hiding any potentially damaging evidence to himself that could be made public in any future court cases. And the GOP Senators are still trying to help W., all that they can, in that effort.

As of this moment, nothing has been passed. The GOP Senators blocked the extension. Georgie will go into total fear mode tonight. He'll tell us that the Democrats have made the nation vulnerable to attack because they didn't pass an amnesty bill for lawbreaking, campaign coffer filling, telcos.

Like I said, it's sad. I knew these Congressional Republicans had plumbed new depths in corruption, fraud, obstruction, and basic lawlessness.....but I actually believed some GOP Senators would eventually step away from the crime and the coverups of their Dear Leader.

Apparently, that's not going to happen. I don't really know why I thought it would.



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