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Fiscally Conservative?

By The Reverend Published: January 5, 2013

“It may be necessary to partially shut down the government in order to secure the long-term fiscal well being of our country, rather than plod along the path of Greece, Italy and Spain,” Cornyn wrote in a column published in the Houston Chronicle on Friday.

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said today that Republicans should risk a temporary government shutdown to get spending cuts tied to the expiration of the U.S. government debt limit in February.

Refusing to pay debt is now part of modern conservatism. Who knew?

To be truly and patriotically conservative must be prepared to refuse to pay debts that government has already voted to incur. Cornyn and Toomey aren't newbee House freshmen who don't know any better.....they are U.S. Senators. They know what they are saying. But is this what Tea Party conservatism has become? Fiscally irresponsible deadbeats?

Worse, today's rotted national media will continue to set one "side" against another "side" what, they say, is a serious "debate." For example, asking Congress to raise the national credit card limit to pay off debts that Congress voted to incur is described by Senate Minority Leader as Obama....

....wanting power over the debt limit so Obama “could spend to his heart’s content” and called the president “the last person who should have limitless borrowing power.”

Conservatives, working hand in hand with complicit media, are once again attempting to confuse Americans on yet another crisis they have manufactured out of whole cloth. Congress is the only body of government which can appropriate spending. Any debt incurred by the federal government must first begin in Congress.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have voted over the last 12 years or so to borrow some 10 trillion dollars. That borrowing was for Empire-spreading wars, very deep tax cuts primarily benefiting our nation's wealthiest and reinforcement of our safety net after Wall Street looted the country. The first two categories alone added over $4 trillion to the nation's debt. But the point here is that Congress voted to take on these massive debts.

Now, conservatives in Congress, as they did last August, are telling media stenographers that actually paying for all those Empire wars and deep tax cuts on the famously optional. Two U.S. Senators have now said know, just perhaps....the best thing to do is to shut the whole government down rather than agree to pay the nation's debts by lifting the debt ceiling.

Reminds me of the Tea Party chant from the GOP's effort last August to damage the U.S. economy...."cut it or shut it."

Many in the field of propaganda will simply dismiss the words of Toomey and Cornyn as political rhetoric. To that I would respond.....was the S&P downgrade of U.S. bonds last August rhetorical....or real? Did markets really spike downwards last August when default was being threatened by alleged conservatives? Or was that downward spike imaginary? Did those who lost their jobs when markets spiked downward last August....really lose their jobs?

I suppose we're only minutes away from Very Serious Media explaining how conservative senators rejecting the notion that the U.S. should pay it's a "debate" the nation should be having. While media is asking such a Serious question.....special conservative guest after special conservative guest will explain how not paying for debt already incurred is actually the heart and soul of being properly conservative in 21st century America.

I may be exaggerating....but not by much.

The fact is that if you want to find true conservatives today in our two main political parties, you'll need to look to the Democratic Party. Republicans have truly lost their way, and their minds, and have no relationship with true conservatism any longer....if, indeed, they ever did. Responsible conservatism.....the kind that thinks government debt should be paid being led by Democrats, not Republicans.

Today's Republicans are neither fiscally conservative nor are they deficit hawks. Today's Republicans are reactionaries who use any and all perceived crises as opportunities to make the powerful and rich....more powerful and richer.

Republicans have devolved into a reactionary party of angry national destruction hellbent on doing as much damage to "we the people" as they can before they ride off into the sunset of their own self-imposed irrelevancy.

That sunset can't happen soon enough.



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