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Fleischer & Gaffney's 2009 Whitewash Tour

By The Reverend Published: March 13, 2009

*Crude language warning

The propagandist and former Bush II press secretary, Ari Fleischer, still having his way with "liberal" news show hosts, goes on Hardball the night before last and simply makes sh*t up.....

Fleischer...."After 9-11, having been hit once, how could we take a chance that Saddam might not strike again?"

Read that sentence again, you know, for full effect.

Without a doubt, the propagandist Fleischer, came on Chris Matthew's program Wednesday night to spread more propaganda. Before the concrete of the Bush-Cheney criminal regime sets and cures in the minds of Americans, the Bush era propagandists' plans are to attempt a rework, a revision, of the crimes of the Terror Twins, more time. The Whitewash artists, those who graduated cum-laude-assholo from their arts-of-deception schools, have been making many appearances on the "news" shows in the last few months. Lots to whitewash over.

Here, Ari clearly includes Saddam Hussein in with 9-11, just as many neo-conservative criminal pr*cks did in late 2001 and all of 2002. Astonishingly, or perhaps not, the same lying, neo-con, Bushian pr*cks, stating the same lying, neo-con, Bushian pr*ck stories about Saddam and Iraq's involvement with 9-11, al-Qaeda, international terrorism, the spread of WMD.....the same sh*t we heard back now, once again, all over our "news". Everything 8 years old is new again.

From last night's Hardball we have two clips by yet another unrepentant, lying, neo-con, Bushian pr*ck, of the worst,....Frank Gaffney.....and this time, the spouted bullsh*t gets very deep, indeed.....

Gaffney not only rejects the 9-11 Commission finding that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11...he goes on to say that he believes there is evidence that Saddam "was collaborating with al-Qaeda on all kinds of things." Gaffney calls the 9-11 Commission, "partisan", and that Saddam's "involvement" with 9-11 is still an "open question." He insists that we have "a lot of evidence that these guys (Saddam and al-Qaeada) were meeting, they were collaborating, they were organizing something, they were sharing technology, they were sharing intelligence, we have lots of evidence of that."

All of what Gaffney says, of course, is nothing but a steaming pile of bullsh*t, just as it was when he and his fellow lying, neo-con, Bushian pr*cks were saying those same things back in 2001-2002 in order to fraudulently lead us into attacking a sovereign nation posing no threat to America. Deja-f*cking-vu....all over again, Yogi.

But it gets even worse....


"There's also circumstantial evidence, not proven by any means, but nonetheless, compelling circumstantial evidence of, Saddam Hussein's Iraq being involved with the people who perpetrated both the 1993 attack of the World Trade Center and even the.....(wait for it)....Oklahoma City bombing."

We live in a post-modern America. Truth is no longer truth. History is constantly subjected to biased revisings. Empirical evidence is moldable. Inconvenient facts ignored or buried.

That is the America that Bushian leftovers, like the despicable Fleischer and Gaffney, want to keep alive, in spite of American voter rejection.

The real question here is: why do "liberal" cable news programs continue to give these lying, neo-con, Bushian pr*cks so much air time?

I have not changed my opinion one iota about today's conservative/ Republican movement. A movement that's still given prominent face time by a corrupt, and seemingly hopeless, corporate media.

The organized Republican/conservative movement is still a criminal outfit deserving of trial, conviction and punishment for treasonous acts against our nation. Fleischer and Gaffney's "Whitewash" tour of lies is only an ugly reminder that these criminals have yet to be brought to justice.



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