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Flinging Feces

By The Reverend Published: September 17, 2009

What is a country to do when a major teevee network is willing to do anything it can to discredit, to tear down, to disrupt a popular Democratic president's agenda? Should that teevee network simply be ignored? Does that network have any responsibility to the public any longer, or is it perfectly fine for that network to lie, propagandize, distort,....and even entrap perceived friends of Obama in personal "sting" operations?

As you probably know by now, last week two conservative activists set off a frenzy in the right-wing media by posting videos in which they posed as a pimp and a prostitute -- complete with outlandish costumes -- and asked employees of ACORN for advice on how to conceal the woman's source of income on their tax forms. ACORN employees in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Brooklyn, fell for the sting, offering advice to the young couple on how to deceive the government.

ACORN fired the employees involved, but that hasn't stopped coverage of the scandal from mushrooming beyond Fox's Glenn Beck and quickly going mainstream.

I realize that our national political discourse, and I use that phrase lightly, is in tatters. It's been that way for awhile now. But just look at what Fox News did in this case....

It (ACORN) also has charged that the film-makers tried their scam on other ACORN offices, but after not getting the responses they hoped for, didn't post the videos.

Read those words again slowly....."after not getting the responses they hoped for."

Journalism, to Fox, is now simply a matter of wildly flinging "sting" sh*t against as many walls as possible.....record all that flinging.....dress up the sh*t stained area where the flung sh*t actually that stuck-sh*t stained area "breaking news" that "breaking news" on a 24/7 loop....and then call that sh*t stained area a huge national threat.

When the flinging of sh*t by Fox doesn't stick, or in other words, "after not getting the responses they hoped for", then, any recordings made of flung yet stickless sh*t are simply discarded and treated as if they never happened.

After flinging a sh*t sting operation at ACORN, the community organizing and voter registration group, and after discarding the videos where the sh*t didn't, you know, stick.....Fox, through the racist and deranged Glenn Beck, has been trumpeting the one sh*t sticking video
as evidence that black American community organizers have already overthrown the United States and are now out to get "whitey."

In the Village, flinging sh*t and oh-so-seriously wringing hands over any that sticks, is an industry. The Village knows that Fox is flinging sh*t about ACORN. The Village knows that Fox has been setting up sh*t-flinging-sting operations. Yet, the Village just can't help themselves when one of Fox's handfuls of flung sh*t sticks.

When a sh*t flinging enterprise, like Fox, gets the Village's attention over one stuck turd, this is what happens....

The Census Bureau announced late last week that it would stop using ACORN as one of the 80,000 unpaid groups it works with to promote the 2010 census.

On Monday, the Senate voted 83 to 7 to block the Department of Housing and Urban Development from giving federal housing money to ACORN.

ACORN is not like Goldman Sachs or AIG. ACORN just can't pay those big bribes to Congressional representatives. But, ACORN actually helps vulnerable inner-city Americans. And see....that's the problem. Obama is black and used to be a community organizer in Chicago. He worked with ACORN before he went to law school. You may recall last year's sh*t flinging episodes by the same anti-American teevee network against ACORN. ACORN, the brilliant Fox network declared, was trying to rig the election by registering voters, or something.

I'll tell you what I really think about all this sh*t flinging stinks.



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