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Following In The Footsteps Of The Soviets

By The Reverend Published: August 26, 2007


When billions and billions of military-industrial complex dollars are on the line, could there be anything more important than getting Congress to keep up the status quo by voting to keep that tax money flowing? Heavens no. Profits ARE America's top priority. When military industrial capitalists get a $10 billion a month gravy train you think they're going to volunteer giving that up? And so this is no surprise....

For the Pentagon, getting out Iraq information will now include a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week Iraq Communications Desk that will pump out data from Baghdad...serving as what could be considered a campaign war room.

According to a memo circulated Thursday and obtained by The Associated Press, Dorrance Smith, assistant defense secretary for public affairs, is looking for personnel for what he called the high-priority effort to distribute Defense Department information on Iraq.


Less than a year ago, Smith developed plans for teams of people to "develop messages" for the 24-hour news cycle and "correct the record" when news agencies put out what the Pentagon considered inaccurate information.

At the time, he outlined an operation that resembled a political campaign ...such as that made famous by Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign war room...calling for a "Rapid Response" section that quickly answers opponents' assertions.

It was set up to focus more resources on the Internet and blogs and book civilian and military guests on television and radio shows.

See? The marketing plan, deceptive as it was, leading up to the invasion and occupation of the once-sovereign Iraq, was no fluke. That kind of marketing plan is now standard operating procedure. There are profits to guard.

Did anyone forget? Besides being the Commander Guy and the Decider, this president is the CEO president. Marketing campaigns are what CEO's do best. Image and all. Not much substance or veracity needed when you can win the "market" through deception and lies.

And so.....the full politicization of the Defense Department. Not unexpected when it has been done to every agency and department we have. Hell, if they can turn the entire Justice department into political hacks....why not Defense?

I'll leave you to laugh at this final sentence from the piece....

Defense officials denied that the program was a propaganda tool or that it was set up to respond to the eroding public support for the war. Link

Funny, that.

Goes to show ya' that even Soviet style propagandizers have a sense of humor.



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