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For Those Calling For Bipartisanship

By The Reverend Published: December 31, 2007


Digby has another excellent take on what's becoming somewhat of a ignorant groundswell to be sure....and an ignorant, non self aware, fact free boot....

The bipartisan busybodies just don't notice (or care) that as a movement which doesn't believe in government, the conservatives are just as successful in the minority, obstructing any progressive advance the Democrats want to make. They feel no need to "get things done." Aside from starting wars, building an ever larger police state apparatus and pillaging the treasury on behalf of themselves and their rich friends when they're in power, they don't believe government should "get things done." So, what do Republicans have to gain by cooperating with Democrats? Link

Read Digby's entire post exposing this Rodney King, "let's just all get along", horsesh*t for what it really attempt to counter, what by every indication, looks like a Democratic resurgence coming in the 2008 election.

Then, after you finish Digby.....go read Glennzilla's bullseye shot about the steaming pile of rubbish our political establishment has become and why. Here's one paragraph......

There is a mildly increased desperation that is palpable among our political and media elites to protect and defend their system. The extent of their wrongdoing over the last several years -- political, legal and economic -- is so extreme that the potential for upheaval in the event of accountability is extreme as well. Their chief weapon to protect those privileges is immunity from the rule of law, and most of our political controversies -- over presidential power and state secrets and executive privilege and torture and eavesdropping and these CIA videos -- really share the same root: the effort of the establishment to maintain their immunity from impropriety-exposing legal proceedings and, thus, from political consequences.

The Reverend doesn't see a way out of the cesspool America has been led into by all the serious and full-of-wisdom asswipes who keep telling us it's a swimming pool we're all immersed in.....despite the "floaters" all around us.

Average reality based, science accepting, law abiding American citizens have had their voices and wants muted by wildly wealthy corporate mouthpieces in the mainstream media and bribing, "Tony Soprano" style, lobbyists in every government house. In a sickening orgy of greed and lawlessness that would make the Romans look like Martha Stewart, in comparison.....America has lost it's way.

And the bread crumbs the Founders left for us to find our way back.....the crumbs of accountability, Constitutionality, the rule of law......are simply dismissed as remnants of nostalgia.....they warm the heart, sure, but they've become "quaint", like the Geneva Conventions and international treaties.



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