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Forced Pregnancy Lobby Descends On Green

By The Reverend Published: July 10, 2008

Interesting piece in today's Beacon about the local community of Green, an abortion providing company there and the Forced-Pregnancy Lobby of Summit County.

I always enjoy reading about any local stories that confirm my suspicion that Ohio citizens, deep down in their religious hearts, have a great desire to turn the Buckeye State into the image of that great southern state, Mississippi. It's such a lofty goal.

Having passed an extremely intolerant and hateful state initiative a few years ago, putting those goddamned gays in their place....with a kick in the ass to all co-habitating partners as now looks like the forced pregnancy lobby has new, and righteous, plans for our once great state.

"Green Mayor Dick Norton said on Wednesday that the owner of a Corporate Woods Parkway office complex is evicting a business known as G&H Healthcare because of disturbances, including demonstrations outside the complex."

Seems reasonable enough, huh? Consider: You have a legal business. You move into new digs with your legal business. Then, people who don't like your legal business start "demonstrating" and causing "disturbances", outside of your legal business. So then, YOU and your legal business get evicted.

The executive director of the Forced Pregnancy Lobby of Summit County, Gregory D. Frank, explained why it is that the mayor of Green has every right to evict a legal business which is business....

''The mayor is the executive branch of the city and, as such, he's providing protection for all citizens,'' Frank said.

Zygotes and fetuses, apparently, are now full Ohio citizens. But not gays or cohabitaters. Does the balance here seem just about right?

The real reason why the legal business is being evicted....

"The presence of an abortion provider in the same building has been disturbing to staff members at Fresenius Medical Care, which offers kidney dialysis,"

"Becky Brickley, office manager of a dental practice in the building, said the arrival of the abortion service has been troubling to staff and patients alike."

She said one patient at the dental practice recently told her, ''I don't think I can sit in here knowing what's going on upstairs.''

The tender and god-imbued sensibilities of the Forced Pregnancy Lobby, and their associates, are being (gasp) offended, whenever those same Forced Pregnancy Lobby members have to think about a woman's right to choose. The very presence of an abortion provider, you see, reminds these Forced Pregnancy people about a woman's right to choose and that is just too much for an Ohioan to have to endure.

This reason....offending the god-imbued sensibilities of Forced Pregnancy Lobby-minded the real reason why a woman's legal right to choose will eventually be tossed to the curb in Ohio.

Think about it....what's of more importance? A woman's legal right to determine her own reproductive destiny, or a pre-emptive act to save the tender sensibilities of Mississippi minded, self-righteous, Forced Pregnancy believers?

I join The Dick on this one. If there is a one percent chance that legal reproductive service providers will bruise, or in some way terrorize, the god-ordained and spirit imbued righteous sensibilities of heaven-bound "common sense" Ohioans.....then there is no option left.

Anyone who carries out a totally legal business without concern for the sensibilities of those offended by the very thought, the very reminder, of what their business is legally doing....should be tortured, (not to the point of organ failure or death) you know, to find out what other terrorizing plans they're hiding. You can never be too cautious when it comes to pro-choice just never know what new legal plots are underway to further bruise Forced Pregnancy sensibilities.

Hail to Green, and it's mayor, for keeping us all safe. May the god of our fathers, Chimpie and The Dick, give you strength to keep up the good fight.



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