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Fox: George Zimmerman "Already Been Punished"

By The Reverend Published: June 15, 2013

The George Zimmerman trial began this week, jury selection and whatnot underway. Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin last year in Florida. The tragic event aggravated all the usual national divisive emotions of the American people surrounding guns (stand your ground) and race. Corporate media, as expected, helped to stoke those divisions.

Hopefully the precise truth about what happened the night Trayvon Martin was walking home from a convenience store, stalked by Zimmerman, and eventually shot and killed by the "community watchman".....will come out in the trial.

What has been disgusting this week has been revelations from George Zimmerman's bitter father and....of course....Fox News.

Greg Jarrett of Fox News reported this week on George Zimmerman's weight.....surmising that Zimmerman has already suffered enough....

“He does look like a different guy,” Jarrett remarked. “It looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds. Look, he has been in hiding and he fears for his life, and there have been all kinds of death threats. And, you know, he can’t go anywhere, can’t get out and get exercise.”

“Probably suffering from stress and anxiety,” Kimberly Guilfoyle added.

“You eat when you’re under stress and pressure and stuff like that,” Jarrett agreed. “So, you know, he’s already been punished to some extent. We’ll wait and see whether a Jury punishes him further.”

“This is an individual that was trying to do some civic duty by being on the community watch,” Guilfoyle opined. “That was the purpose of why he was there that night.”

“Sure, let’s not forget there’s a reason for a community watch,” Jarrett replied. “Because that’s a community with a need for a watch. Because they’d had problems like this in the past.”

Someone...anyone...please tell me why it is that the number one cable "news" network would defend the obvious shooter in a crime committed against an unarmed, underage, high schooler? George Zimmerman has gained a lot of weight while awaiting his trial and ipso facto, Foxians "report" that "he's already been punished" enough. For needlessly killing an unarmed, underage, high schooler....gaining weight while awaiting trial is "punishment" enough.

What explains this from Fox?

Also on this subject.....Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's father....released on Amazon e-books this week his book, "Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son, George." Kind of gives it away in the title, no?

According to Think Progress....

The most striking chapter is called “Who Are The True Racists,” an apparent effort to rebut claims that his son’s actions were racially motivated...... He then goes on to list various black leaders and organizations that he believes are racist:

Congressional Black Caucus. “[A] pathetic, self-serving group of racists… advancing their purely racist agenda.” He later adds that “all members of Congress should be ashamed of the Congressional Black Caucus, as should be their constituents.” And finally: “They are truly a disgrace to all Americans.”

The NAACP. “[S]imply promotes racism and hatred for their own, primarily finical, interests” and “without prejudice and racial divide, the NAACP would simply cease to exist.”

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. “[W]hat I would expect of a racist.”

Trayvon Martin’s funeral director. A “racial activist and former head of the local NAACP.”

Benjamin Crump, Natialie Jackson and Darrly Parks, attorneys for Travyon Martin’s family. “The scheme team.”

The National Basketball Players Association.

Black Chamber of Commerce.

National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers.

National Black United Fund.

United Negro College Fund.

Someone help me out here because I'm not seeing the wisdom of releasing a book blaming black against white racism for the prosecution of your son....who has been accused of stalking, tangling with, and shooting a black, underage, unarmed black Trayvon Martin to death.

In both cases.....Greg Jarrett of Fox claiming Zimmerman has gained weight and has, therefore, suffered enough already for killing a 17 year old unarmed kid.....and.....Zimmerman's father releasing his 'blame it on black racism' screed the week his son's trial begins......I fail to see the wisdom.

What am I missing?



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