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FOX Is Not A News Organization

By The Reverend Published: October 24, 2009

From Media Matters via Youtube.....

Those month by month clips, just a few of many, clearly demonstrate the bias being spewed by FOX. Before last November's election, FOX's bias for McCain-Palin was apparent. After Obama's victory, FOX's bias against Obama......also apparent.

Those are not the characteristics of a news organization. Those are the characteristics of a Republican Party media entity. Nothing wrong with being the media arm of the Republican Party. Just as long as everyone is aware that that's the situation.

Obama's White House, by stating that FOX is not a news organization but rather an opinion outlet, was doing it's duty to alert the American public about the dangers of confusing FOX with actual news reporting....while warning other media outlets to not get suckered into covering FOX's manufactured anti-Obama stories.

The White House stated that FOX is not a news group but rather, an opinion group. Media Matters provides the evidence to support that statement.

Obama is trying to keep Americans safe......warning them of the dangers of propagandistic misinformation spewed 24/7 by a politically biased opinion outlet masquerading as a news group.

Obama not only did the right thing by calling out FOX,.....something that's been long overdue......but he was also "fair and balanced" about it.

UPDATE: Nothing confirms the truth of FOX's non-news status better than the Villagers siding with FOX.

Here's a perfect example.....

It is now officially 1993 all over again.

Here's more it all, here's one piece....

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has described his station's confrontation with the Obama administration as "the Alamo." Fox News senior vice president Bill Shine said Fox was "the voice of opposition." In other words, the entire operation has an explicit political agenda, not just a few hosts.


Fox News is now coordinating grassroots (or, more accurately, astroturf) political activities, lobbying for or against legislation, and fundraising for conservative causes. The network called April's protests "Fox News Tea Parties." It encouraged people to attend town halls last summer and then broadcast only the statements of those who opposed Democratic health care proposals. The 9/12 rally in Washington was the work of Beck,



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