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Freedom To Suppress Votes

By The Reverend Published: July 11, 2012

Mitt Romney defends efforts by red state governors and legislatures to suppress voting.....

"I support efforts to say, look, we want people to come in and make sure they're a citizen of the United States and that they haven't voted multiple times and they're not voting for someone who's passed away," Romney said at a forum in Chester Township, Pa., in April. "I know a number of states are doing that, and we have the attorney general of the United States trying to keep that from happening."

Yesterday, the man who was held in contempt of Congress by Republican House members.....gave an example of why Republicans went after him. Eric Holder stated unequivocally, and correctly, that these GOP-inspired voter ID laws were nothing but a new "poll tax" on poor and minority voters.

Non-existent voter fraud in U.S. elections has been met with a massive effort in GOP-controlled states to limit a citizen's right and access to vote. The Republican Party.....exclusively.....has led an organized effort to stop Democratic votes from being cast...or counted. 17 states have now passed new Democratic vote-suppressing laws.

In Texas, now being challenged by the DOJ, voters can bring in a gun license as proof of state citizenship.....but if you bring a college student ID, forget right to vote for you. Most recently, Pennsylvania's GOP led state government, headed by controversial winger Governor, Tom Corbett, passed their own version of a vote-suppression law in the Keystone state.

What all of these vote-suppressing laws have in common is the placing of a new burden on, primarily, potential Democratic voters....before they can vote. For those voters who are not poor, who own cars and have driver's licenses, there's no new requirement to meet before voting this year. But for that portion of our voting population who are poorer, more likely to be a minority or urban resident.....that is not the case.

The whole conspiracy by Republicans to suppress Democratic votes is based on erecting barriers, prerequisites, on likely-Democratic voters. Making likely-Democratic voters do something BEFORE being permitted to vote....something they didn't have to do before the new laws were passed. In all GOP-led, vote suppression states, that something has been identical.....some new-fangled voter ID scheme.

Here's why drivers licenses are chosen by vote-suppressing Republicans as the standard in voter ID laws....

....more than 9% of the state's registered electorate does not have a driver's license or an alternative state identification required under new rules, the Philadelphia Daily News reported last week. In Philadelphia, with a majority African-American population, more than 18% of registered voters don't have required IDs.

As we already know, black American voters vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic ticket. Duplicitous Republican vote-suppressors want the rest of us to believe that it is just all coincidence that the group of voters with the highest percentage likelihood of not having driver's licenses are poor, black, Democratic voters.

Just happenstance.....they didn't plan it from the beginning that way. My derriere.

And just like in Indiana, when GOP lawyers defended their vote-suppression ID law before the Supremes awhile back.....Pennsylvania vote-suppressors didn't have any evidence of a voter fraud problem either....

...the Secretary of State's Office had to go back to the 1994 William Stinson state Senate race, where fraud involved absentee ballots cast in the names of dead people. Yet the current law doesn't concern absentee ballots.

No evidence at all that voter fraud was a threat, and so, pathetically, and laughably, Pennsylvania GOP officials offered up an example from 18 years ago involving absentee ballots.....absentee ballots, which the new PA. vote-suppression law doesn't address.

Some readers may remember my recent blog on Pennsylvania House Majority Leader, Mike Turzai. Turzai accidentally left the vote-suppression cat out of the voter-ID bag when he included this gem in a list of state GOP accomplishments....

"Voter ID, which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done."

However, just before Pennsylvania's new, GOP-conspired, vote-suppression bill passed this March, here's what Turzai said about the bill...

"I certainly think and advocate that this is actually going to protect the enfranchisement of every single citizen's vote, no matter what your background, beliefs, religion, race, or ethnicity are."

All these vote-suppression efforts by Republicans are just the latest salvos in the war by American conservatives, Tea-flavored conservatives, to "take their country back." Vote-impeding patriots have told us that Americans are no longer "free"...and that something must be done or we'll all soon lose our "freedom."

Then, these "freedom" lovers....who love freedom more than life itself....conspire to take the unimpeded freedom to vote away from likely Democratic voters in 17 a general election year.

Unless your head is a block of's transparently clear what's going on here. Republican governors, Republican legislatures have conspired together to "take back their country." That requires Republicans winning elections. To assist them in winning elections, Republicans in 17 states have passed new vote-suppression laws to prevent as many Democratic voters from voting as possible.

Then, with a straight face, these same GOP'ers tell us they are "protecting" the integrity of the vote from potential fraud.....fraud which isn't happening.

Finally.....Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, supports and defends all Republican efforts to suppress Democratic votes. Apparently, he's for freedom, too.



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