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Frightening Thought: A 3rd Bush Term

By The Reverend Published: August 18, 2008

Setting aside for now the far right Supreme judges a president John McCain would pick.....the Arizona senator's most disturbing quality is his neo-conservatism. The phony ambivalence we've seen and heard when McCain addresses the issue of George W. Bush should be a red flag to voters. Without doubt, the evidence demonstrates that McCain supported virtually everything George W. Bush placed on the table. Nowhere is this as transparently clear as it is with the Decider's war of choice. John McCain has always been in favor of attacking well as other middle eastern countries....

[A]fter Mr. Bush declared he would hold responsible any country condoning terrorism, Mr. McCain called his leadership “magnificent” and his national security team the strongest “that has ever been assembled.” A few weeks later, Larry King of CNN asked whether he would have named Mr. Rumsfeld and Colin L. Powell to a McCain cabinet. “Oh, yes, and Cheney,” Mr. McCain answered, saying he, too, would have offered Mr. Cheney the vice presidency.

Even during the heat of the war in Afghanistan, Mr. McCain kept an eye on Iraq. To Jay Leno in mid-September, Mr. McCain said he believed “some other countries” had assisted Osama bin Laden, going on to suggest Iraq, Syria and Iran as potential suspects. In October 2001, when an Op-Ed page column in The New York Times speculated that Iraq, Russia or some other country might bear responsibility for that month’s anthrax mailings, Mr. McCain interrupted a question about Afghanistan from David Letterman on that night’s “Late Show.” “The second phase is Iraq,” Mr. McCain said, adding, “Some of this anthrax may — and I emphasize may — have come from Iraq.” […] Link

Calling the embarassingly weak Condi Rice, and the burnt-out, cynical, maniac, Donald Rumsfeld, part of the strongest national security team "that has ever been assembled"......and stating that Lucifer's own spawn, the traitor Richard Cheney, would have been a president McCain's VP as well....tells you almost everything you need to know to conclude that a John Sydney McCain III presidency....would indeed, be a third W. term.

It would appear that only about 28% of American voters would re-elect W. this November, you know, if given the opportunity. That 28% will be given just such an opportunity with the neo-conservative candidate, John McCain. Johnny Mac has made it perfectly clear that he would have not done anything differently from what George W. Bush's "magnificent" team did, when it came to the middle east and Iraq.

"The second phase is Iraq", McCain told Letterman. I ask,....the second phase of what? The answer, sadly, is..... the second phase of establishing permanent American military bases in the middle east through regime change. What McCain didn't tell Letterman about that night was the third phase....Iran and Syria. A president McCain will almost certainly follow through with the treasonous neo-conservative plan to attack Iran.

Hey, if endless wars of American imperialism are, you know, your thing.....then a third term of W. is made to order in the person of John McCain. If, however, you are one of the 70% who disapprove of W's presidency and think that unilaterally attacking countries which pose no threat to America is....umm....unhelpful.....then a third term of the Crawford Counterfeit Cowboy isn't what you're looking for.

Vote Obama this November. At least TRY to save the country.



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