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From The American Gulag Front....

By The Reverend Published: October 29, 2007


You just know we're living in memorable times when something akin to "The American Gulag Report" is necessary, but hey....crazy times, we live in.....

An American military lawyer and veteran of dozens of secret Guantanamo tribunals has made a devastating attack on the legal process for determining whether Guantanamo prisoners are "enemy combatants".

The whistleblower, an army major inside the military court system which the United States has established at Guantanamo Bay, has described the detention of one prisoner, a hospital administrator from Sudan, as "unconscionable".

His critique will be the centrepiece of a hearing on 5 December before the US Supreme Court when another attempt is made to shut the prison down.

It's a kangaroo court system and completely corrupt," said Michael Ratner, the president of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, which is co-ordinating investigations and appeals lawsuits against the government by some 1,000 lawyers. "Stalin had show trials, but at Guantanamo they are not even show trials because it all takes place in secret."

Combatant Status Review Tribunals were held for 558 detainees at the Guantanamo in 2004 and 2005. All but 38 detainees were determined to be "enemy combatants" who could be held indefinitely without charges. Detainees were not represented by a lawyer and had no access to evidence. The only witnesses they could call were other so-called "enemy combatants". Link

You can file this away in your "Why do they hate us?" folder. You know, just in case you forget what it's all about and why all the killing and imprisoning is going on. Whenever your liberal friends try to tell you they DON'T hate us because of our freedoms, you can open that folder and show them one of the very freedoms they hate us for. This one....

One of those freedoms they hate us for is the freedom we exercise when we detain anyone we want for as long as we want without giving that detainee any rights. They hate us for that freedom. Don't ask me why. Must be part of that crazy Islamic law. You know Islamic law is really out there.



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