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Fun-Talk Racism Disguised As "Policy Differences"

By The Reverend Published: November 21, 2013

There's a diversionary, change-the-subject meme out there that is wearing out it's welcome with yours truly. As the faux-complaint from the conservative side of things goes, if any conservative or Republican disagrees with Barack Obama's policies they are accused of being a racist for doing so.

I was reminded of this nonsense again yesterday when I heard a caller to the EIB Network's Rush Limbaugh program. The lady caller was beside herself and nearly in tears over being called a racist for disagreeing with Obama's policies...."it's just so hurtful", she said.

Off the get go let me be clear.....disagreeing with the policies of Obama is not a racist activity. However, to be quite frank about it....when there have been true policy difference discussions going on, I've yet to read or hear progressives and/or Democrats trying to end or win the discussion by calling the debate opponent a racist. I'm sure there are exceptions which will prove the rule.....but the basic premise that poor, maligned conservatives who only disagree with Obama's policy positions are being lambasted as racists for doing so seems to me to be a red herring. No doubt mileage will vary here.

The extra-nougaty center in this radio anecdote is that the female caller yesterday was calling in to the Rush Limbaugh program. Rush loved the caller's emotional anguish over being referred to as a racist.....and that's why the entertainer took the call in the first place. You see, Limbaugh plays the race card daily.......while couching his hateful language in policy differences. Ipso facto.....the distraught conservative lady being criticized for being racist became a surrogate for the poor put upon radio entertainer himself.

This entertainer....

2007....."Hey, Barack Obama has picked up another endorsement: Halfrican American actress Halle Berry. "As a Halfrican American, I am honored to have Ms. Berry's support, as well as the support of other Halfrican Americans," Obama said. He didn't say it, but -- anyway, there are those out there -- greetings."

2009...."Obama's America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now. I mean, you put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety. But in Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering "Yay! Right on, right on, right on, right on."

2009...."What they don't know is that Obama's entire economic program is reparations. If I were [Al] Sharpton, if I'd been guest-hosting Sharpton's show and I got a call like that, somebody complaining, I'd say "Hey hey hey, shhh. Let me tell you the truth here. Everything in the stimulus plan, every plan he's got is reparations."

2011...."There's rioting in the streets now! And there's going to be more rioting in the streets because that's part of the program here. And next up there are going to be race riots, I guarantee it. Race riots are part of the plan that this regime has. That's next."

Policy differences? Or simple, run-of-the-mill, smartass white guy racism?

The mechanics here are unmistakable. Unless a person actually believes Obama's policies include starting race riots and paying reparations to blacks.....and I'm sure there are a few folks who DO believe those things....what Limbaugh is doing with comments like this is purposely confusing Obama's blackness as the driving force behind his policies.

That is what is behind Limbaugh's daily droning on about the "food stamp" president. See....BECAUSE food stamp demand is high following the financial disaster, Obama is siding with his Americans. The same assistance....has been relied upon by every president in memory, some more than others depending on the national economic situation. But according to Limbaugh conservatives, food stamp policy during Obama is being DRIVEN by the fact that Obama is a black president.

That is a racist perversion of "policy differences", not a genuine policy difference. Fig leaf policy differences to camouflage the racist too-cute-by-half talk.

It gets even worse when the subject is the First Lady. What "policy differences" could conservatives like ElRushbo possibly have with Michelle Obama? She writes no legislation and has no vote in Congress. And yet, Limbaugh never uses Mrs. Obama's first name when referring to her. Instead he always refers to the First Lady as Moochelle. Get it? Michelle Obama is a moocher taking advantage of all the "free stuff" the First Family gets when elected to occupy the White House.

That's the same sentiment heard from many, many conservatives and Republicans over the alleged laziness and slothfulness of those in need of basic human services during our nation's worst modern period of unemployment. Whether it's talk of being lulled to sleep in a hammock of dependency, or characterizing those who voted for Obama as citizens voting for Santa, or whether it is the infamous 47% Romney dismissiveness......the thread is the same....racially-tinged insinuations accompany almost every so-called policy difference....when a policy difference is even recognizable as such.

Yes, conservatives have policy differences with Obama. Perhaps in a few cases, even honest policy differences. But the policy differences conservatives have with THIS president have been, and will continue to be, attributed, at least partially, to Obama's being black. They simply can't help themselves. They've been using the Southern Strategy for so long, they simply can't quit it. It's in the DNA.



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