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Genius Or Anti-American Smart-Mouthed Punk?

By The Reverend Published: August 16, 2007


It's the middle of August and so I understand why when the Turd That Sprouts Blossoms, aka Karl Rove, resigns, we all have to listen to so much gushing by Knee Padders about Rove's "legacy". He won all those elections, blah, blah....his loyalty to Bush was blah....he'll write a book about blah, blah....

The "genius" leaves the White House right when it has entered it's listless funk phase of abject failure. It's known as the "lame duck" period but lame-o or better yet, lame-ass would be more fitting. Rats fleeing the sinking ship and all that....

In this month's The Atlantic, Joshua Green does a feature story on Bush's Brain. I'm no fan of Joshua Green, however, I do want to share one anecdote about the Bush/Rove connection that Green includes in his piece. It's quite revealing.

Dick Armey, former GOP House leader, tells the story....

"For all the years he was president, Bill Clinton and I had a little thing we'd do where every time I went to the White House, I would take the little name tag they give you and pass it to the president, who, without saying a word, would sign it and date it. Bill Clinton and I didn't like each other. He said I was his least-favorite member of Congress. But he knew that when I left his office, the first schoolkid I came across would be given that card, and some kid who had come to Washington with his mama would go home with the president's autograph. I think Clinton thought it was a nice thing to do for some kid, and he was happy to do it."

Armey said that when he went to his first meeting in the White House with President Bush, he explained the tradition with Clinton and asked the president if he would care to continue it.

"Bush refused to sign the card. Rove, who was sitting across the table, said, 'It would probably wind up on eBay'", Armey continued. "Do I give a damn? No. But can you imagine refusing a simple request like that with an insult? It's stupid. From the point of view of your own self-interest, it's stupid. I was from Texas, and I was the majority leader. If my expectations of civility and collegiality were disappointed, what do you think it was like for the rest of the congressmen they dealt with? The Bush White House was tone-deaf to the normal courtesies of the office."

Rove was a College Republican leader in his early pre-TurdBlossom days, you know, before the Turd Blossomed and sprouted Bush's Brain. College Republicans are best known for their 'dirty tricks' political approach. Rove loves that kind of stuff. Beating the 'other', especially by using behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred, sophomoric punk-ass tactics, made the Sleazy One tick. Something John McCain, Max Cleland, and John Kerry could tell you about.

But what Karl Rove doesn't have is respect, for anything. What he has never owned is.....integrity. Armey's account gives us a clue into answering the question of why we are in the mess we are in today in America. It helps to explain why we're divided, it helps to explain why the world hates us more now, it even helps to explain why the Republican Party is disintegrating, in real time, before our very eyes.....a good thing, by the way.

Rove and the Bush Brigade came to Washington to metaphorically burn the place to the ground. Nothing that used to be sacred or traditional or institutional was spared. It was 'Republican Fraternity Punks Gone Wild'. No federal agency that couldn't be corrupted with Rovian politics. No foreign country that couldn't be alienated for kicks and giggles. No Congressional representative that couldn't be threatened, marginalized, ridiculed or worse. No longlasting treaty or agreement that couldn't be rolled up and smoked, just for the 'high' of getting away with it.

You'll never hear it from all those very serious and wise Knee Pad insiders, they are all just too serious and wise. But The Reverend, though perhaps not as wise and serious as Knee Padders, will clear the air about who Karl Rove really is. He is, and always has been, a smart-ass, smart-mouthed political punk. A Texas freak who would sell his mother to win an election. He's everything an American should not be. Rove has no respect for America, American history or the Constitution. He would just as soon urinate on the other branches of government as deal with them. He is completely oblivious and indifferent to the extensive damage he has done to our country. Karl Rove should spend the rest of his days in a federal prison.

Do ya' think I'm being too shrill?



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