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Genuine Buyer's Remorse

By The Reverend Published: March 24, 2011

Michigan......before being elected governor last November, Rick Snyder's approval rating polled in at 43%, disapproval 28%. Today, Governor Rick Snyder's approval rating is 33%, disapproval 50%.

Ohio....last November LittleJohn Kasich won the Ohio race for governor by 49.4%-46.7% over incumbent Governor Ted Strickland. Today, John Kasich's approval rating is 30%, 46% disapprove. If the election for governor were held today Stickland would win by 15%.

Wisconsin.....Republican Governor Scott Walker became governor last November with 52% of the vote. A conservative Rasmessen poll taken March 4, 2011 found 34% of Wisconsin voters strongly approving of Walker's job with 48% strongly disapproving.

Those numbers are what buyer's remorse really looks like. Keep in mind, these governors have only been in office for 3 months. Apparently, voters don't like what they are seeing from these new Tea Party governors.

What is it that's making voters change their minds?

Foremost, I the apparent war these governors have launched against citizens who work for a living.

The backdrop. Virtually all states are suffering from budget deficits. These deficits, which states must pay down to zero, were not created by citizens who work for a living. Instead, these deficits have been caused by much lower state tax revenues. States have much lower tax revenues as a result of a national 9% unemployment rate. Unemployment is high because Wall Street gamblers blew up the economy with their greed and recklessness, working in the deregulated shadows as they were. Immediately after Lehman Brothers went belly up.....large employers began laying off workers at the rate of 750,000 per month. In less than a year, these large employers were back in the black....but workers were still jobless, homes were still being foreclosed upon, misery widened.

Reactionary Tea Party Republicans.....basically, the more extreme voter base of the Republican Party....taking their cue from Fox and Freedom Works, worked hard to blame our dire economic situation on Obama's stimulus, deficit spending, national debt, Social Security, liberals, unions, Jimmy Carter, FDR, child labor laws, and/or "massive centralized government".....not necessarily in that order.

A low voter turnout last November swept a handful of Tea Party-sponsored Republican governors into office. Kasich, Snyder and Walker were among them. Using their states' deficit problems as the excuse, these three governors began to place the blame for their dire economic situations on citizens who worked for a living....citizens who were not the least bit responsible for the state's empty treasuries.

The blame for an economic crisis brought about by very rich capitalist non-producers working for Wall Street banks...guys like LittleJohn Kasich.....was quickly transferred to "overpaid", "shovel leaning", "babysitting", "coddled", "freeloading" state unionized workers. False claims were repeated endlessly that wages of $46,000 per year were bankrupting the states.....Henny Penny cries of "we're broke" could be heard from every dissembling GOP governor.

Collective bargaining rights became the make-believe deficit villain.....and citizens who work for a living became the enemy.

But somehow the lies, the half-truths, and the omissions of the truth started to smell funny. What was really happening in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan was another battle of the rich against those who work for a living. Instead of cutting spending, the Tea Party governors transferred savings from union busting efforts to wealthy state citizens and businesses.

In Michigan the pensions of seniors will now be taxed, the Earned Income Tax Credit dropped for poor families.....and the "savings" will be redistributed in the form of huge tax giveaways to corporate interests.

All of this is now ringing unfair with voters.....thus the quick reversal in approval ratings. Independent voters, especially, now think they were snookered....and they were. They voted for people who claimed they were honest brokers and what they got was forked tongue speaking corporate lackeys. They voted for people who said they would be fiscally responsible and they got steroid-enhanced class warfare.

Of course, these three men should have never been elected in the first place....and that brings me to the dishonesty part.

Not only were Walker, Snyder and Kasich basically dishonest about what they planned to do once elected.....but the completely corrupt corporate media assisted all three in their less-than-honest campaigns.

Walker never could get his story straight. Collective bargaining was first creating deficit problems and....then it wasn't. Fellow Wisconsin senators let the cat out of the bag when they told Fox Freaks that busting unions would make it much harder for unions to help sponsor Obama's re-election in Wisconsin.

Kasich says he needs to raise revenue.....but is planning on eliminating Ohio's estate tax and privatizing every state asset which is not nailed down. All part of the perennial Republican program to use government as a crony capitalism exchange booth.

Snyder in Michigan aspires to being America's first state dictator by claiming that the emergency fiscal crisis gives him the right to overrule the democratic process.....selling whatever municipal assets he desires, firing whomever he wants to fire, breaking contracts, firing elected officials, consolidating school districts unilaterally....and any other damn thing a dictator should have the power to do. All while handing out huge giveways to corporate interests.

Dishonesty often wins the day. Bark-stripping power grabbing often succeeds. But sometimes,....every once in a while.....voters smell the foulness and respond appropriately.

These charlatan bums need thrown out on their asses.



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