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George W. Bush: Cruel And Lawless Tyrant

By The Reverend Published: June 18, 2008

Kudos to the Beacon for today's McClatchy Newspaper piece written by Tom Lasseter. Mr. Lasseter explains how the lawlessness, savagery and unaccountability witnessed during the Bush/Cheney administration germinated and grew into the detainee torture and abuse disgrace the nation is finally finding out the details about today.

What was done....

The framework under which detainees were imprisoned for years without charges at Guantanamo and in many cases abused in Afghanistan wasn't the product of U.S. military policy or the fault of a few rogue soldiers.

It was largely the work of five White House, Pentagon and Justice Department lawyers who, following the orders of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, reinterpreted or tossed out the U.S. and international laws that govern the treatment of prisoners in wartime, according to former U.S. defense and Bush administration officials.

Why it was done...

The quintet of lawyers, who called themselves the ''War Council,'' drafted legal opinions that circumvented the military's code of justice, the federal court system and America's international treaties in order to prevent anyone — from soldiers on the ground to the president — from being held accountable for activities that at other times have been considered war crimes.

Who made up this "War Council"....

David Addington, the brilliant but abrasive longtime legal adviser and now chief of staff to Cheney.
Alberto Gonzales, first the White House counsel and then the attorney general,...
William J. Haynes II, the former Pentagon general counsel,....
...former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo...
Timothy E. Flanigan, a former deputy to Gonzales...

Bush's reason....

The administration...... set out to circumvent any law that might have restricted Bush's detainee and interrogation programs. Link

The Bush administration has been a lawless regime. Not simply a presidential leader who has casual sex with someone other than his wife in his work office....and then lies about it. Not simply that. Instead, an ongoing, systematic, premeditated and wilful strategy to circumvent and violate international, national, and Constitutional law.

All of the Bush/Cheney co-conspirators, as I've said for many years, deserve to be locked away in federal prisons.

The McClatchy story is yet more evidence to place onto the vast heap of already incriminating material against the worst executive branch in American history.

Extra Bonus Feature:


Obama (D) 47%, McCain (R) 43%
Margin of error: ±2.6%

Obama (D) 48%, McCain (R) 42%
Margin of error: ±2.6%

Obama (D) 52%, McCain (R) 40%
Margin of error: ±2.5%



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