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Glenn Beck's "War Room" Inciting Violence

By The Reverend Published: February 23, 2009

February 16th, from The Reverend...

"I am a free speech enthusiast...after all...I'm a blogger. At the same time, is it possible that the thuggish speech and printed word of our nation's fringe dead-enders on the right could actually be fomenting violence? Is this something we should be concerned about, especially in light of a Democratically led government?"

For the sake of today's post, I'm setting aside the New York Post's police-shooting-of-monkey cartoon.....which was printed after my post about conservatives, particularly in wingnut media, fomenting violence.

Instead, let's consider Fox News' Glenn Beck's new program War Room, February 20......this is the teevee sceen disclaimer to Beck's new show...

Topics discussed on today's program may be disturbing to some viewers. The views expressed in this program are not predictions of what WILL happen, but what MIGHT happen. The panelists have been asked to think the unthinkable. Viewer discretion is advised.

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this 8 minute piece from FOX's new Beck led "War Room" program.......

Beck opens this way..."this is the war that is possibly coming to our shores"...."we are not predicting that these things will happen, we are asking, could they happen? And what do we do IF they happen?"

But Beck also says this...."We're wargaming different scenarios. We are not predicting that these things will happen....But it's interesting, we were talking in the middle of the break that most of the people on the set...really think these are light scenarios. These are the bedtime stories. We're just asking what we would do IF they did happen."

At the :35 mark comes the "light scenario" for 2014, that Beck, and FOX, are, of course, "not predicting"....."Anger and discontent at home, many Americans are feeling disenfranchised, people are isolated from their political leader (WTF), internet connects like-minded people (ditto WTF), the "Bubba effect"--a rise in individual militias."

At the 1:25 mark, according to Beck and guests, the "light scenario", predicted for only five years from now, includes tax rates of 80-90%, perhaps even 95%. At the 1:50 mark, "tax revolts....this is gonna' be violent....cities will resemble Dodge City, gangs who control, motorcycle marauders...." Seriously? "Motorcycle marauders?", can I hear a big round of What The F*ck?

At the 5:00 mark, in Beck and FOX's "light scenario"....Glenn asks, "I don't think we would head for an American revolution, we'd head for a French Revolution." Beck's guest, at the 5:50 mark, references the second amendment (militia gun ownership rights), "weaponry to defend themselves, as a last resort, against a tyrannical government." "A tyranny of incompetence....I think that, ultimately, is what our country is facing." Beck adds, "don't get me wrong, I am against the government,...and I do think they have been betraying the principles of our Founders." "Do the soldiers come in, and do they fight with the people? What does the Army, what does the military do?" Guest, Michael Scheurer, "I don't think the military is going to shoot on the American people." Beck..."People are training for civil unrest all over this country."

This talk, these scenarios, are, according to Glenn Beck, the "bedtime stories"...the "light scenarios" of what's just 5 short years away here in America. But Beck isn't, naturally, "predicting" anything.

Is it time for FOX News to be confronted for their inciting of violence in America?



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