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Gloating...And...Return To Brokeback Beacon

By The Reverend Published: June 5, 2008

First today: Rubbing faces in it.

February 6, 2008...The Reverend..

One final thought. Republicans should be praying that an Obama-Hillary ticket doesn't emerge from these two wildly popular Democratic candidates. The national spanking could be…..quite humiliating.

larry d. Says:

February 6th, 2008 at 12:54 pm e

"You're funny."


The prescience of The Reverend is witnessed in the non-stop chatter NOW about an Obama-Clinton ticket. And though I still don't believe this ticket will form.....

Is it still so funny? Is it? When every main media outlet can't stop talking about it this week? I realize the main Knee Padders are seeking to divide the Democratic Party with their jabbering about what won't happen.....but still.

Second today: Return of Brokeback Beacon

True, too, is that Obama has proved a flawed candidate. As compelling as his words are, he has yet to overcome concerns about his lack of experience and preparation for the presidency. More, the attention to the ''change'' theme hasn't allowed for learning more about the candidate. He risks speaking in little more than platitudes if he doesn't begin to answer: Change to what? And why? And how?

I know the Beacon editorial writers "just can't quit" Hillary. I know that. I have no idea why...but it is what it is. In the Beacon's misplaced arrogance and mocking word choices towards Obama, the Beacon is beginning to shed it's snakeskin of shilling for Hillary and emerge as a new solid McCain endorsing snake. So predictable.

Look at the Beacon editors word choices....Obama is a "flawed" candidate, he speaks in "little more than platitudes". The actual facts are different, naturally, but it doesn't phase the Beacon faith-basers. How much experience did JFK have before becoming about the moron Bush, the Younger? And what the f?ck does "preparation for the presidency" even mean after Commander Guy?

Barack Obama has spelled out in detail what he intends to do. Perhaps because the Beacon editors have had their noses so far up Hillary's derriere they haven't heard Obama spelling his plans out. Tax cuts for working families, tax increases for the richest, health care expansion for all who want it, bringing home troops from Bush's quagmire, changing the mind-set of our stupid and failed foreign policy, new energy policy to cut foreign oil use while creating millions of jobs.

The Beacon editors, apparently, don't want to hear the details of what Obama is saying. In ...oh, I don't know,....a couple of hours or so, the Google will lay down every non-"platitude" of Obama's for, you know, the editors to consider....and that way they won't have to remain in the dark asking totally dullard questions like...."change to what, and how?"

This isn't a call for ponderous policy papers. Rather, Obama must offer reassurance that he can apply the ethereal talk to addressing real problems.

"Ethereal", like, say, Georgie's "I'll be a uniter not a divider" and "I believe in a humble foreign policy" and "I'm against nation building"?

Once those actually paying attention....Barack Obama has spoken and written repeatedly about his detailed policy proposals. Are the Beacon editors so overworked that they simply don't have time to take Obama's detailed plans in? Or could it be that the Brokeback Beacon editors don't want to know?

How f?cking "ethereal" was that massive winning organization which propelled his underdog candidacy to win the Democratic nomination against the leading brand name and presumptive Democratic star?

I know that the Brokeback Beacon doesn't "get" Obama. They choose not to. Obama has addressed "real problems" already by wisely targeting as many new Democratic-coalition voters in order to sweep out the old and bring in the that progressive policies have a chance of being implemented. But still, the Beacon doesn't get it.

There also is the feeling that the candidate is more John Kerry than Ted Strickland, suffering from a level of detachment that no position statement can overcome.

Obama says that words matter. They do, and so does instinct, effective leadership requiring a level of trust, emanating from tone, mood and confidence. At times, Obama appears uneasy and distant.

"a level of detachment"...."no position paper can overcome".....What's the matter Brokeback....pissed that Hillary is conceding tomorrow? Was it necessary to mop up the spilled sarcasm and sour grapes after typing those lines?

Obama appears "at times" to be "uneasy and distant", according to Brokeback. Distant from John McCain's old and rotted thinking...sure. However, who created all the excitement within the Democratic voters and soon-to-be Democratic voters? Did Obama draw all those new voters and fill them with hope and excitement because he was "uneasy and distant"? I think it may be more likely that Brokeback Beacon, saddened by the loss of the establishment Democratic candidate, is the one who is "distant" and "uneasy".....about an Obama presidency.

As readers can see at the top of this post....The Reverend has been all over this presidential campaign cycle. Brokeback Beacon has not. Brokeback Beacon is the one who speaks with a "level of detachment" from reality. Brokeback Beacon is the one who speaks in simplistic and uninformed "platitudes". Brokeback Beacon is the one who is "uneasy" with an Obama nomination.

The Brokeback Beacon is the one whose thinking, whose endorsements, whose comprehension of the political season is "seriously flawed".

Not Obama.



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