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Going Down In Denver

By The Reverend Published: August 25, 2008

A couple of months ago, immediately following Barack Obama's primary win, I predicted that the KPM (Knee Pad Media) would spend as much time, if not more so, leading up to the conventions, talking about Hillary and Bill Clinton as they would Barack Obama. My prediction was relatively accurate and remains so on the first day of the Democratic Convention.

Think how much time has been spent, from the traditional kneeling position, bloviating and bullsh*tting about Hillary's chances of becoming Obama's VP pick. Still today, the totally asinine whining goes on. Why, how dare Obama! He didn't even vet Hillary to be his goodness, get out the smelling salts and the fainting couches. Once again....there's nothing to the alleged story. Hillary told Obama if he wasn't going to consider her in the top tier of VP candidates...she would just as soon not go through the vetting process. No story here at all.....yet the lamebrained, pushers of propaganda.....those who are in the, you know, know,....will push that phony story all week long.

The media doesn't like it that Obama is the Democratic nominee. That's why they keep telling us stupid sh*t, like, "we just don't know who Obama is" and "is he really one of us?" They preferred Hillary because there's just so much more empty, meaningless, and distracting biographical material to work with....with the Clintons.

Listen and watch for the totally phony narrative being spun, starting today, about the Clintons. The more time wasted on the Clintons, the less time left for them to cover Obama and his policies of change. Already today the "big" news is that Bill Clinton's feelings are still hurt. Someone call a Wammbulance. Already today, the threat by the alleged Hillary voters to eff stuff up this week is being given "breaking news" exposure.

Here's what I think: It's all a steaming pile.

The Clinton's will speak highly of Barack Obama....they will encourage all Democrats, Independents, and non-winger Republicans to support Obama with everything they have. Hillary and Bill may have their own unique characteristics....but let's get this one point clear....they are Democrats. They are not George W. Bush/J.Sydney McCain Republicans. The Clintons know that four years of J. Sydney McCain would be too much of a threat to America. More imperialistic wars, the end of a woman's right to choose, the further hollowing out of the middle class, more Americans without health coverage, more tax breaks and giveaways to the already wealthy and powerful.

Here's something else I think is total bullsh*t: Hillary voters are just so effing upset over Obama's candidacy....they will vote for McCain. Those Hillary supporters who actually say this....are not Democrats. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most of these folks are actually Republicans...trying to game the system ala Fatso Drug Addict Limbaugh's campaign urging Republicans to go out and vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries.

Having said all's what to listen for from the Knee Padders this week. The job of the Knee Pad Brigade is to portray the Democratic Party as hopelessly fragmented and fatally at each others' throats. That's what the slobbering bloviaters have been doing all summer....they won't stop now. No matter what the Clintons say this matter how powerful their calls to unite behind Barack Obama....the narrative will continue to be one of disunity and backbiting.

Democratic policies laid out this week will be given short shrift by those who earn their livings staring at the crotches of the powerful. Instead, every word uttered by Bill, Hillary, Pelosi, Carter, Warner, Biden and Obama will be microscoped for atomic particles of Democratic Party disunity.

Listen and pay attention if you have time this week. See if America's most imminent threat, corporate media, doesn't continually seek to portray the Democrats as a broken party, fighting amongst themselves, and unable to unite to defeat the weakest and most discombobulated Republican candidate in The Reverend's lifetime. Count how many times the suck-job artists talk about Obama's "trouble" with white working class voters. Count how many times Hillary's name is invoked to denigrate Barack Obama. Count how many times the mindless chant of "Americans just don't know who Obama is" spewed around like so much vomit.

One thing you won't here much about from the stenographers for the powerful this the total clusterf*ck resulting from electing Republicans to the presidency and a majority in Congress starting in 2000. Those who type up the powerful's propaganda don't dare speak of the mess Republicans will hand to the next administration. They haven't spoken much about it for the last eight years, why would they start now?

The many talented Democratic speakers in Denver will lay out the total failures of GOP policy channeled through George W. Bush. The Democrats will clearly explain the failed GOP policies, both at home and abroad. The Democrats will speak coherently and persuasively about just how out of touch 21st century American conservatism is with the American people. The economy, health care, Iraq, pre-emptive wars, torture, Constitution violations, obstructionism, activist neo-Supreme Court Justices.....the entire ugly, rotten and disgusting lot.

The Knee Padders will have no interest in any of it.

They just can't quit Hillary and the Clenis.



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