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Goldilocks Centrists Know Stuff

By The Reverend Published: October 29, 2010

Often, here at the Blog of Mass Destruction, I have written about the Village. The Village consists of those "experts"...usually from media, but not always, who represent the "inside the D.C. Beltway" club. The Villagers are neither to the left nor the right....they are the Goldilocks, "just right" centrists you often hear chattering about how the nation is center-right, whatever the hell that means.....and how that the extremists on the right and the left simply do not "know" it works, and how only ideas and propositions from this elusive center, a center that only they represent, are the only ideas and scenarios that have a chance of working.

Last year, MSNBC's Chris Matthews put on a Village clinic one evening when he had Alan Grayson (D-FLA) on his program. It was before health care reform finally passed Congress and Grayson was saying that it was going to get done, it was going to pass. Matthews, a Village Elder, ridiculed Grayson when Grayson said it would get done through the reconciliation program. Matthews literally mocked Grayson. Laughed at him. Grayson remained calm and explained to the mocker that, indeed, that's how health care would finally pass.

Grayson was correct. Health care reform passed in Congress using the reconciliation process which requires only 51 votes. Matthews, proud-to-be-a-Village insider who simply "knows" stuff others don't about how Washington works, was wildly off the mark.

In the last week or so, Villagers have been spinning some freshly wrapped, brand-spanking new bullsh*t about what will happen in January after the Tea Party-fueled Republican extremist party takes back the House.

Watch the first minute of the following video from last night's Hardball program and then pick up again at the 5 minute mark.....

Howard Fineman, now of Huffington Post, and Matthews, say that if Democrats hold on to the House and would be the worst case scenario for President Obama and the Democrats. They actually say that. Because that's how "in-the-know" Villagers talk.

In Fineman's wisdom, if Democrats held both Chambers, "Obama would still be held responsible for everything."

As if Barack Obama will not be held responsible for everything that happens, or doesn't, NO MATTER who holds Congress. Obama is being held responsible, RIGHT NOW, for stuff he had nothing to do with. But Village wisdom says that if Democrats luck out and hold onto Congress, it will be bad for Obama because he will be held responsible for everything.

Such is Village wisdom. Democrats don't want to hold Congress because then Obama will be held responsible for everything. It will be much better for Obama if Democrats lose at least one Chamber.

But at the 5 minute mark in the video, the Village stupid really starts to burn. Fineman, asked about the most likely outcome....House goes GOP, Senate remains Democratic.....responds that "this is the scenario where deals are most likely."

Yep, that's what he said.

Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews can't be entirely unaware of what has gone on for the last 22 months....even though they act like it. Minority Republicans, for 22 straight months, have blocked everything Democrats have brought up, setting new filibuster records in the Senate.

Add to that indisputable history the fact that this year's extreme Republican candidates are running on a "no compromise" with Democrats platform....promising voters they will never compromise over ANYTHING.

Mix in the, also, indisputable fact that newly elected Republicans will be scared to death of being primaried out next time by Tea Party whackos if they even think about compromising with Democrats, and you come up with a much more realistic outcome for the next two years. An outcome pooh-poohed by the Villagers, but nevertheless, an outcome which, I think, is inevitable.

Not just gridlock...but gridlock with an attitude. Investigations of the President will begin immediately next year. The same Villagers who say Democrats losing the House is the best thing for Obama will cover every nuance, every accusation against Obama with glee and excitement.

Most likely, these new majority Republicans will shut down the federal government because Tea Party extremists refuse to compromise on spending. The same Villagers will bark and howl nightly about Obama's unwillingness to give Republicans what they want. They'll recycle the "why isn't Obama bipartisan enough" horsepucky and all heads will nod in agreement.

While all of this chaos is ensuing......just review the Clinton presidency if you have doubts......the Village theme for the next two years will be singular in purpose.

Sarah Palin as President.

Don't laugh too quickly.

For almost two years, Chris Matthews, who says he votes Democratic, has run a segment EVERY NIGHT on Sarah Palin. Every-freaking-night. Nothing whatsoever has ever come from the ex-1/2-term Alaskan governor which is news worthy. Nothing. Yet, Matthews reserves a segment EVERY NIGHT to talk about her. Chrissy gets twitterpated everytime he talks about Sister Sarah.

The Reverend is not a Villager.....not a Professional and Serious Expert like Matthews or Fineman. They are in the know, and me?.......well, all I do is pay attention to what's going on.

And what I see coming in the next two years with GOP'ers in control of the House differs galactically from how the Village sees things.

The most important item on the agenda of the Villagers and Republicans will undoubtedly be the total destruction of Barack Obama as President. Nothing to address our nation's most serious problems will even be entertained over the next two years. As gridlock sets in like super glue, the Village will split their time between the Very Serious accusations from Republicans of the President....and showcasing the imbecilic Palin with endless clips from her new Discovery Channel Reality Show.

I'm getting nauseous just thinking about what comes next.



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