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GOP Crazy Talk Is All The Rage Now

By The Reverend Published: April 9, 2009

On February 24th, The Reverend set forth this proposition......

"The current Republican members of Congress have decided to find relevancy by saying wild-eyed, batsh*t crazy stuff. The wilder and crazier the stuff they say, the more relevant they believe they become.

That's their plan."

"the minority political party, during these crises, has decided to find their relevance by talking as if they are insane."

"The crazier the talk, the better. Main media, the corporate slugs that they are, love themselves some crazy talk. Can't resist it."

Let me ask two questions.....are Republicans still talking crazy stuff? And.....if they still are.....has Big Media, since February, worked feverishly to point out the craziness of that talk?

Oklahoma Senator, Republican James Inhofe....yesterday....

"At a time when the Obama administration has put forth a budget to disarm America, Congress cannot, and must not simply go along. Congressman Tom Cole and I will work with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees to stop these cuts.

Virginia Congressman, Republican J. Randy Forbes.....

"Today's announcement of defense cuts is a reaction to the fiscal strain caused by trillions in bailout and stimulus spending,..."

New York Congressman, Republican John McHugh.....

Representative John McHugh, the top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, also weighed in, saying the proposals would amount to $8 billion in cuts in defense spending.

Missouri Congressman, Republican Todd Arkin,....

"While President Obama is pushing for mind-boggling increases in domestic spending, the one place he wants to cut spending is defense."

Colorado Congressman, Republican Doug Lamborn....

"I strongly urge the administration to reconsider these drastic defense spending cuts that will weaken our national security."

Oklahoma Congresswoman, Republican Mary Fallin....

"President Obama's military budget cuts reflect misplaced priorities and a sense of naïveté we can ill-afford. With the United States fighting two wars and threats growing from rogue nations like Iran and North Korea, now is not the time to pull the rug out from under our armed services."

And my favorite, Oklahoma Congressman, Republican Tom Cole.....

"While President Obama's short changing of America's Armed Forces is deeply disappointing, it is - unfortunately - not a surprise. Throughout his campaign and during his short tenure as President, he has made it clear that he believes his charm and eloquence are adequate substitutes for a strong military......He cannot charm them (our enemies) out of their opposition to our country. The cuts announced today, however, take that naivete to a dangerous new level. I intend to do everything I can to make sure they do not actually occur."

It's clear then, right? Obama and Gates are.....wait for it.....CUTTING defense spending. I mean, all those Republicans can't possibly be just saying, you know, crazy sh*t.....can they?

Let's see if Big Media concurs.....

Under the headline, "Obama and Gates Gut the Military", the Wall Street Journal printed this yesterday....

"In the 1990s, defense cuts helped pay for increased domestic spending, and that is true today."

PBS Online "Newshour"....

Headline...."Gates Announces Sweeping Changes, Cuts in Defense Budget"

Gwen Ifill's first sentence.....

"At the Pentagon today, Defense Secretary Robert Gates unveiled a plan to make major cuts and shifts in military spending."


Notice the "steep cuts in military spending" above the bottom crawl. MSNBC's Contessa Brewer then went on to ask former defense secretary Bill Cohen, this question....."Let's ask you about this cut in defense spending that Secretary gates has announced...."

Politico.....Headline, "Gates ready to fight over defense cuts". First sentence,

"Defense Secretary Robert Gates is steeling himself against blowback from Congress over his sweeping defense cuts,..."

Must be true then. By gum, that naive President Obama and that greenhorn Bob Gates must be cutting....or gutting....the U.S. defense budget. Because if Obama and Gates are not really cutting the defense budget, then that would mean that Republicans and the Big Media who adores them.....are all just talking a big bunch of crazy sh*t.

You decide....

February 2, 2009.....CQPolitics

..."The Obama administration has given the Pentagon a $527 billion limit, excluding war costs, for its fiscal 2010 defense budget, an official with the White House’s Office of Management and Budget said Monday.

If enacted, that would be an 8 percent increase from the $487.7 billion allocated for fiscal 2009, and it would match what the Bush administration estimated last year for the Pentagon in fiscal 2010."

April 7, 2009, LA Times...

"President Obama released his $534-billion military budget proposal weeks ago, but Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates fleshed it out Monday by listing specific programs to be cut or expanded. The plan would increase spending by 4% over fiscal 2009,..."

As shocking as it may be to learn....Obama's 2010 defense budget is $534 billion, $7 billion MORE than he proposed in February, and some $47 billion MORE than Bush's 2009 defense budget.

Conclusion: Republicans, and the Media Whores who are still infatuated with Republicans, are still just making sh*t up. You know, talking crazy talk. Just like I said in February. Minority Republicans and their lapdog media partners are maintaining their relevancy by continuing to spew forth huge piles of crazy-talk bullsh*t.

Roll over Glenn Beck and give Rush Limbaugh the news.



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