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GOP Declares War On.....Itself

By The Reverend Published: February 5, 2013

The one famously known as TurdBlossom, Karl Rove, did an interview last July where he fielded questions about the Tea Party. Only 7 months ago Bush's Brain spoke positively about the role the Tea Party had been playing in the overall strategy of the GOP....

Distinguishing between members of the tea party movement and individuals who promote the tea party sentiment, Rove said that “both are viable and important” and “have energized a group of people that heretofore have largely been sitting on the sidelines and brought about big, important change.”

The surge of tea party action and ideology are, according to Rove, “probably enough to turn the 2012 election if properly dealt with,” referring to the movement’s influence on independent voters in the 2010 election.

That was 7 months ago. This is now....

Karl Rove, fresh off the multi-million dollar disaster that was 2012, has launched a new initiative, The New York Times reported Saturday. Known as the Conservative Victory Project, the group, a spin-off of Rove’s American Crossroads, will help recruit establishment Republicans, as well as defend Senate incumbents against challenges from more conservative candidates.

The aim, in a nutshell, is to push back against the Tea Party and bring the GOP’s nominating process back under the control of the party’s Washington power-brokers. In recent cycles, Tea Party-backed Senate candidates have won the Republican nomination over more moderate GOPers, only to be defeated in the general election.

The response from Tea Party/FreedomWorks president, Matt Kibbe, to Rove's new initiative?...

“What Rove is proposing is a recipe for failure,” he said.

Tea Party Patriots national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin....

“Instead of returning to conservative principles, Rove and the consultant class are pouring millions into picking off conservative leaders,” national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement. “The consultant class has been on the wrong side of history and it is time for conservatives to wake-up and stop funding their sabotage of conservatism.”, Michelle Malkin, and Erick brand Tea defenders in conservative propaganda media....described Rove's new pro-establishment-GOP initiative as "declaring war on the Tea Party."

Karl Rove and the Tea war with each other. Who says there's no justice, huh?

The Teas are but the far right of the Republican Party. The far right of the GOP has always been out there....usually, historically known as the John Birch Society....but at the beginning of 2009, everyone who is anyone had to pretend that the Tea Party was, somehow, a brand new shiny, grassroots movement attracting voters from every political perspective. It was never true.

The Teas were useful to the GOP, particularly in the 2010 midterm....when, at the very zenith of peak wingnut, far right Partiers rallied voters to retake the House. the same time, the Teas have been a drag on the GOP, costing the party Senate seats in both 2010 and 2012 because of candidates unacceptable to voters....Joe Wilson (AK), Christine O'Donnell (DE) and Sharron Angle (NV) in 2010 and Richard Mourdock (IN) and Todd Akin (MO) in 2012.

To boot....conservative polling outfit, Rasmussen, recently announced that only 8% of Americans now claim they are members of the Tea Party with 49% holding an unfavorable view of the conservative group and only 30% holding a favorable view.

Now, Karl Rove, who is representative of the heart and soul of the GOP, has announced a new political battle.....only this time it's an intramural affair where Rove will try to fend off TP primary candidates for the Senate by strongly defending moderate conservatives while, I suspect, attacking Tea candidates with political-ad money bombs of mass destruction.

I sincerely wish both sides godspeed.

Will this new battle within the GOP eventually lead to a third party? Will the bad vibes between establishment Republicans and Teas lead to the perennial minority irrelevancy of the once proud GOP?

All The Reverend knows is that he's waited a long time for this internal GOP fight to draw first blood. Karl Rove threw the first punch, post 2012 election. Will the Teas turn out to have a glass jaw?



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