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GOP Defends Rush's "Phony Soldier" Comment

By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2007

Eric Cantor, Wingnut du Jour

GOP Deputy House Whip Eric Cantor(VA) makes it clear where Republicans stand when soldiers are pitted against Rush Limbaugh...

From: Rep. Eric Cantor, Chief Deputy Republican Whip
Date: Oct 4, 2007 2:19 PM
Subject: Rush Needs Your Support

Facing their record of failure, Washington Democrats decided to try and distract ... and so they took a man's words out of context, then they went on the attack.
That's why I'm encouraging you to click here to "Stand With Rush" and sign this petition.


I want to send Washington Democrats a message that their attempts to distract aren't working ... I stand with Rush Limbaugh against liberal attacks. Link

Perhaps, Rush supplies the GOP'ers in the House with "hillbilly heroin". I mean, could be....right?

What else could possibly explain lunacy like this?



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