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GOP Double Dip Plan To Oust Obama

By The Reverend Published: June 10, 2011

The GOP ransom note comes into focus....

...this week 103 House Republicans told party leaders, Speaker John A. Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a negotiator in the Biden group, that they want immediate spending cuts of at least $380 billion for 2012 to halve the projected deficit, as a condition of their support for raising the federal debt limit this summer.

As I've been noting recently, elected Republicans will apparently do ANYTHING to destroy Barack Obama's chances for re-election. Politics is war by other I guess this isn't surprising. However, these 103 House Republicans, most likely Tea Party dunces sent to D.C. to destroy as much as they could in some political-dumbf*ck "wilding", are willing to push the U.S. economy into a double dip recession to rid themselves of the American Dark Knight President.

It's important to think about what these Republicans are willing to do so that we don't send these Tea Party anarchists back to D.C. next fall.

For 16 straight months the U.S. economy has had positive private sector job growth. Some months, like last month, have seen anemic positive numbers....but positive numbers just the same. If the perception about the economy is positive going into next year's election....chances are Obama will be comfortably re-elected. When the meager GOP presidential candidates are factored in, Obama's re-election would pretty much be a lock.

Tea Party House Republicans are hellbent on avoiding that scenario.....and thus the "we must cut spending now" choreography. Cutting $380 billion from the 2012 budget will most likely send our economy below water in what Republicans hope will be a double dip recession. Obama's numbers are their weakest when it comes to the economy...Republicans know that....and are planning on forcing the economy into further trouble by holding the debt ceiling vote up with a ransom demand which will surely take the nation down again into negative economic numbers.

Some might call this treason....Republicans call it electoral strategy. Don't forget Droopy Dawg McConnell's top priority...."making sure that Obama is a one term president."

What the federal government should be doing right now, as I have been suggesting for many, many months, is spending much more money on direct job creation. Yes, borrowing much more right now at low interest rates to create the jobs the fat, flush and satisified private sector will not create. It is going to take a few more years of paying down debt and putting the puzzle pieces together again before demand returns to any level of normalcy. Until then, the government is the only entity prepared to alter aggregate demand.....and that's why the feds should be borrowing more money to spend, not cutting spending.

Obama realizes that Teapublican House members will never permit a direct-spending-to-create-jobs stimulus plan to pass, so he is toying with a payroll tax holiday plan for 2012 which would add a bit to aggregate demand. But Boehner's Boyz don't want to add demand to the economy.....they want the economy to stumble back below positive growth numbers just in time for the general election, when they will use the poor economic conditions they have created against Obama in order to defeat him.

That's why the 103 House GOP'ers are demanding the $380 billion in cuts in the 2012 budget before they will concede to voting to raise the debt ceiling. That level of spending cuts starting in the fiscal year beginning this October will all but guarantee that a weak economy will drop into negative numbers before the general election. It's either that or the GOP House Tea Caucus will derail the vote on raising the debt ceiling.....which, in itself, will wreak economic havoc and panic in the national economy. Either way....Teapublicans calculate.....the conditions will be right for Republicans to defeat Obama next November.

Burning the house down in order to rush in what? the day? Bastardized Republican policies over the last decade have left us in the deficit and debt situation we find ourselves in....the Bush tax cuts plus the wars of Empire accounting for a little over 50% of projected deficits. Now, born again fiscal scolds with an Obama gleam in their eye which reads "no 2nd term", are mounting their high horses of fiscal accountability just in time to damage the American economy enough for voters to call for replacement at the top.

I've said it before.....and I'm not the least bit shy about saying it's Republican Party is an enemy of the American people. The GOP plan for the nation is not a plan for Americans, it is only a plan for the GOP to regain majority power, American people be damned.

We must deny power to this traitorous bunch.



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