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GOP Embraces Torture

By The Reverend Published: December 14, 2007


As waterboarding has been discussed over the past few weeks, there has been one specific wingnut fairy dust talking point sprinkled over the discussion. If waterboading was torture, these wingers said, then the Congress needed to pass a law saying so. I heard this comment many times coming out of the lying mouths of many of the usual winger suspects.

Well, Congress started doing just that yesterday. Outlawing the specific torture procedure known as waterboarding....

The 222-to-199 vote, largely along party lines, sends the legislation to the Senate, where passage is less certain. The measure, part of the intelligence authorization bill, would restrict all American interrogators to techniques included in the Army Field Manual, which prohibits the use of physical force.

In a statement this week, the White House said the president would veto the bill, as a ban on harsh interrogations “would prevent the president from taking the lawful actions necessary to protect Americans from attack in wartime.” Link

Only 5 Democrats voted with the 194 Republicans. 199 House members voted not to end the torture procedure known as waterboarding. 199 House members, 194 of them Republicans, voted for torture. I'm not sure, but the fact that 199 House members in the United States of America voted FOR torture, seems to me to be a big, big story worthy of a lot of media coverage. But alas, the story was overshadowed by baseball's steroid use. More "winning" by cheating and breaking the rules, yes, but not likely a threat to the U.S. Constitution.

Now it all becomes clear why it was that wingnuts were calling for Democrats in Congress to write a bill outlawing waterboarding. Anti-American and pro-torture wingers wanted majority Democrats to pass a bill they knew their Dear Leader of Perpetual War and Torture would veto. And with the one-third-plus-one minority rule that the criminal Bush supporters are holding the nation hostage with, the wingers think they are, you know, rubbing progressives faces in it. They know that the one-third-plus-one needed to sustain a Codpiece veto is still in tact in the House.

When the rage meter reaches a certain, you know, redline level, The Reverend must resort to paraphrasing, "Come on, you sissy Democrats, you appeasers of terrorists, you haters of America, come on, I dare you....make waterboarding illegal, spell it out how you want to "coddle" Osama's people by refusing to almost drown them. Put in in a bill. Then when you do, you sissies, we'll use it against you as proof that you aren't serious about America's enemies. If you were serious about America's enemies, you would embrace torture like we have."

In wingnut thinking(?) anything at all that can be twisted and distorted and used against Democrats is "winning". Victory. These mindless cruelty loving perverts actually think, while support nationwide for Republicans circles the toilet bowl, that the Democrats, by trying to outlaw torture, appear weak. The nuts think that if Democrats take near-drowning of suspects off the interrogation table, Democrats are setting themselves up as easy targets for criticism. As if ruling out torture was a bad thing. I'm tellin' ya'....wingers are taking this "24" horsepucky with Keifer just a bit too seriously. It's freaking teevee.

The depth to which the Republican Party has fallen is now there for all to see. The GOP will proudly go into the 2008 election cycle with a platform plank calling for America to renounce it's over 200 years of advocacy for freedom and justice and humanity, replacing it with advocacy for savagery, lawlessness and torture tactics.

I mean, yeah, the Democrats ain't perfect, but my goodness....a political party that officially endorses torture and does so proudly? Doesn't everybody find that, you know, a little out there?

UPDATE: Now I see Senator Huckleberry Lindsey Graham and his fellow Senate GOP torture loving co-conspirators have stuck their Mighty Mouse chests out there in support of torture. So proud, they are.



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