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GOP'ers Hate Kids, Love Big Insurance & The Dear Leader

By The Reverend Published: October 18, 2007


The vote is in....

The vote -- 273-156, 13 shy of the two-thirds majority needed to overcome a veto -- came after a nasty TV-and-blog fight and then a contentious debate on the House floor. At one point, Democratic Rep. Pete Stark said that the president's claim to care about health care for children shouldn't be taken any more seriuosly than his "lies" about Iraq, and that under the "Republican plan" for the war, we "will have killed" 20,000 soldiers by 2013, when SCHIP funding would have dropped under the bill Bush vetoed. Republican Rep. Joe Barton moved to have Stark's words stricken from the record. Link

156 House representatives would rather have American children's health threatened than to have America's health insurance companies profits threatened. It's as clearcut as that.

Those Americans who continue to vote for these House members now become complicit in the GOP's war against America's children. And for those who argue it's more nuanced than that.....I got your f**king nuance, right here.

This ruthless vote by the GOP'ers in the House is similar to the Iraq quagmire continuation vote earlier this year. Americans who continue to vote for representatives clearly responsible for having more of our soldiers killed and wounded are complicit in those killings and woundings.

These minority GOP wingut obstructionists are the same monsters who want American presidents to be able to order torture. They are the same traitors who think the Constitution is optional and "not a suicide pact", and if current laws or Constitutional amendments handcuff their Dear Leader, Dear Leader wins out. These maniacs hand out subsidies by the boatload to corporate cronies but deny American children subsidies to help them if they get sick.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary......John Dean warned in 2001 with his book, "Worse Than Watergate", how completely un-American the ideology of the Bush White House was. Dean's book turned out to be understating the case. To the totally corrupt White House add the barbaric, emotionless thinking that leads 156 House members to vote AGAINST adding more American children to health care coverage rolls....and you can see the brink our nation has been led to. And we have 14 1/2 months more of these assh*les.

I can hardly wait for the Knee Pad Media hucksters to explain how there really is two equally responsible positions that can be taken on denying more American kids health coverage.....just as there was two equally responsible positions to be taken on whether more U.S. troops should be killed and wounded in Iraq.

If these sons of b*tchs were all on fire and my bladder was about to burst, I wouldn't hesitate, not for a nano-second, in pissing my pants.



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