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GOP "Fiasco" In Blood Red Idaho

By The Reverend Published: June 17, 2014

The state of Idaho is totally controlled by the Republican Party....

....the party...holds every statewide office in Idaho, every seat in the congressional delegation and more than 80 percent of the seats in the state Legislature.

Given the deep redness of state politics, one might think that Idaho Republicans would be basking in their dominance, working dutifully, happily and triumphantly to push for more financial benefits for the state's rich few while simultaneously shredding the state's safety net and keeping poor Idaho workers from gaining access to Tyrant Obama's Medicaid expansion.

It would seem like the state's GOP Convention this past weekend would have been a time for revelry, high fives, congratulatory short, a celebration.

But no....

Idaho’s state Republican Party convention degenerated into a fiasco Saturday after attempts to disqualify up to a third of the delegates attending appeared to be succeeding – and the convention ended up adjourning without electing a chairman, setting a platform or doing any of it scheduled business.

...the only official action that took place is Republican delegates booted all fellow Republican delegates from Bannock County. Members were in the process of kicking out 82 more Ada County Republican delegates when (U.S. Rep Paul) Labrador intervened and closed the proceedings.

And, why did the Idaho GOP Convention turn into a fiasco?......

The state Senate assistant majority leader said, “It was basically the ultra-, ultra-conservative, tea party libertarian type people basically flexing their muscle in the way the thing was organized.”

It brings me great joy to inform you that, despite the early emphasis by Tea Partiers on "taking their country back" from the Tyrant Obama who had taken it away from them in two democratic elections, the reactionary group of insurgents have now set their sights on their own political party...the GOP.

We saw that dynamic work itself out last week in the surprise upset in Eric Cantor's GOP primary. Thanks to AM radio haters like Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, libertarian Randian, David Brat, pulled off the surprise upset. You see, to Teas and Randians, Cantor, the GOP House Leader primarily responsible for closing the government last October at the behest of the angry, angry Teas,.....Cantor is simply not enthusiastic enough about destroying the federal government.

I've seen enough to know that what the Teas are really all about is dismantling the federal government, piece by piece, until all that's left is foreign and domestic law enforcement powers.....and they aren't even sure about domestic law enforcement, as witnessed in recent radical redstate laws to nullify federal law enforcement in their states. Remember, Clive Bundy is a Patriot Hero to the Teas.

Unfortunately for the GOP, Tea frustration has now led the discontented reactionary group to start attacking inside their own preferred political party. Purging "establishment" Republicans, whether corporate media is willing to recognize it or not, has become the favorite blood-sport of the Teas and Patriots.

I must admit that I have been enjoying this GOP intramural blood-letting because it is a great opportunity for onlookers to be reminded of just how crazy today's Republican Party has become ever since Barack Obama took the inaugural oath.

But I also want to be crystal clear. Despite the intramural "fiasco" playing out between "establishment" and Tea Republicans......the goals of each are identical.

Establishment Republicans have always said that they wanted a federal government with "limited powers." Teas agree. Establishment GOP'ers have always looked for any opportunity....any lower tax responsibilities on the 1%. The mantra of the Teas from their inception has been "Taxed Enough Already."

The differences are found in the rationale each group of reliably Republican voters uses to promote the policies they both agree on.

Establishment Republicans know where their political bread is buttered...and who does the buttering....the richest few in the nation.....Big Business. But establishment Republicans, at least until the last decade, have been careful to shield their intentions to only help the richest by also throwing an occasional political bone to the unworthy classes. In other words, mainstream Republicans have been more discreet about how they go about advancing the interests of the 1%.

Teas also favor lowering taxes on the richest but their emphasis is on doing personal and financial harm to the unworthy class.....minorities, the poor, minimum wage workers, the elderly, teachers, union workers, etc. Where the establishment Republicans have been careful not to purposely alienate every non-rich constituent group.....Teas openly bash those same groups with a zealotry not seen since the days of the John Birchers.

Mainstream Republicans have focused on national debt and deficits in their efforts to cut federal spending as they work patiently towards their perennial long range objective of reducing taxes on the wealthy.....Teas have enjoyed focusing on undeserving and lazy "parasites."

So, if the goals of the bifurcated GOP are basically the same.....why the "fiasco" in Idaho? Why the historic primary defeat of Eric Cantor, a reliably conservative Leader in the House that Tea built?

Here's my ventured guess. Teas see the demographic handwriting on the wall and are panicking. In fact, since, 2009, the Teas have been having a very long panic attack over the reality that minority voters will soon overcome any advantage the white majority has had in national elections. Teas see those realities as an emergency needing immediate insurgent resistance.

Mainstream Republicans can also read that demographic handwriting....and are strategically playing a longer game in the hope of maintaining GOP relevancy.

So what we are really witnessing is the same family in a heated argument amongst themselves where one member is a bit cooler-headed, a bit calmer....and one member is crazed out of his mind, uncontrollable.

But both belong to the same family....and, in the end, will always fight together against the interests of those who don't belong to the family.



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